Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Frank J of IMAO regarding Dispicable Dick

"Anyway, Senator Durbin should be neutered. What he said didn't come even close to responsible speech; he might as well start asking Al Qaeda for pay as a PR agent. Censure isn't enough for that, so I think neutering is a good start. If Durbin were to produce little Durbins, obviously no one would want them. Thus neutering Durbin is the humane thing to do plus sets a good example for pet owners.

Next, a metal garbage pail should be put over his head, and all the other senators should take turns hitting the pail with a stick. Hopefully, this can be done in a bipartisan way. After that, he'll be dazed and confused. This will be a good time to dress him up in a tutu and parade him through the streets. If he mumbles something about his treatment comparable to what the Nazis did, make sure the crowd on the street has plenty of tomatoes and eggs.

When Durbin is marched back to the Senate hall, next should come the old tradition of ripping off his Senator badge and forcing him to eat his own poo. Finally, the public gets to wait in line to pummel him with whiffle ball bats."

Not bad Frank. BTW I heard that Durbin's office had the "Capitol Police" phone a person who had called his office. Tony Snow radio show last night.

The caller had pointed out the provisions (not punishments) for treason in the Constitution to Dispicable Dick's staff. According to this caller, he received a call back about his "threat" on the Senator. He asked the "Police" officer for his badge number, supervisor, phone number, office address, etc. and got nothing. When he researched the number on his caller ID after the call he found that Verizon said it didn't exist. Interesting ...

Sounds like Dick doesn't support free speech rights for citizens, but supports a boatload of supposed "rights" for terrorist scum who would kill us or worse.

What a Dick. Death Camp Durbin.


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