Thursday, August 11, 2005

Who is Really Stealing Elections?

Selwyn Duke -
"... and, just speaking from the personal experience of having been raised in Fortress Democrat, I can tell you that many of the Democrat operatives who ply their trade there are crooked enough to hide behind a corkscrew. So, make no mistake, there are eight million stories of vote fraud in the naked city.

I also can't ignore how the typical liberal world view so often creates a propensity to engage in such behavior. After all, these are the people who tell us that morality is just a flavor of the day, making no set of values superior to any other. What is right? What is wrong? It is all a matter of perspective, you see.

Now, are we to believe that such people will suddenly feel constrained by moral imperatives when the vanquishing of their hated political foes is just a bushel of stolen votes away? Should we naively suppose that they wouldn't lick their chops, apply their "situational values" and convince themselves that the end justifies the means?"
The emphasis is Mongo's. We just are in a trial in East St. Louis which has shown that Democrats buy votes for $5 each from the "voters" ... Oh, by the way, if you are a white candidate it costs you $15. The Democratic scum in the City of St. Louis left the polls open in 2000 to try to stack the vote for Gore. What these folks need is a serious beat down, by either the legal system, or by the legitimate voters. How about a Minuteman group for the polls?


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