Thursday, September 22, 2005

2A Story

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from Neal Boortz
"Now here's another phrase that twists my short hairs.

We had an incident in Atlanta last week where a civilian, Shawn Roberts, saw a crime being committed, and took action. Roberts was driving down a suburban Atlanta street when he saw a black male beating a white woman and trying to force her into a car. Roberts turned around to see the car driving off with the predator behind the wheel and the woman fighting for her life in the passenger seat. Roberts continued to follow the car as the female continued to fight her abductor.

The car swerved into the path of a cement truck. The resulting accident killed the woman, but the bastard who had carjacked and kidnapped her was unhurt.

He jumped out of the car and ran .... Shaw Roberts was right behind him. The perp had a gun and pointed it at Roberts. Roberts had a gun and used it to blow the worthless POS away.

Oh .. and by the way, the perp had raped and beaten a woman in the Atlanta
the week before. He'll never do it again, and the Georgia taxpayers will never have to pay to feed the SOB in jail.

OK .. on with the "taking the law into our own hands" bit. Here's a link to a conversation thread. Warning -- the participants in this thread are car nuts who post pictures of their cars with their comments. If you'll read through these links you will soon run across a character who says that Shawn Roberts should be charged with manslaughter ... that he "took the law into his own hands."


Those of you who didn't attend government schools may already understand this ... but the law IS in our hands. Law enforcement is not something citizens seize from police officers, it is a function that citizens delegate to police officers.
emphasis Mongo's (if you want to link to the idiot conversations, go to the Boortz Link.)

I am not a victim. I am not a subject. I am a citizen. I will defend my status.


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Yes, that is right. They guy should be given a medal.

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