Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Neal Boortz on looting

My sources are telling me that it is believed that some gang members have traveled across the state from Miami to Naples and are waiting there with friends for the passage of Hurricane Wilma.

Why are they so interested in Hurricane Wilma?

Because with many of the residents and business owners gone, and with the chaos that would surely follow a major hit from Wilma, the opportunities for looting will be very tempting. Two years ago Collier County (Naples) Florida was listed as the highest per-capital net wealth county in the nation. There are beachfront homes there that range from 10 million up. The median price for a home in the Naples area is over $500,000. Homes like these will hold many treasures for looters. It's a whole different game when compared to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. I can see the plan now. Break in while chaos reigns. Stash your loot in your friend's crib in Naples. Recover the stolen goods later when the heat is off.

There are few things lower in life than the scum that would rip off others during an emergency such as a major hurricane. There is a cure, though. It's a new procedure called STB. For those of you who are just a wee-bit slow, that would stand for "Shoot the Bastards" ... and no, I'm not kidding. If the police, business owners or homeowners shoot just a few of these worthless footstools we'll see a huge drop in looting, and the police will be free to spend their time actually saving lives and helping people instead of warding off gangs of thieving thugs.

Would an open, announced policy of STB really help?
Yep, should slow the Bastards down a bit...


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