Friday, September 23, 2005

A story that hurts guys ...

Ananova : "Woman, 93, grabbed robber where it hurts

A 93-year-old woman with a 'grip like iron' fought back against a robber by grabbing him by the testicles.

The Lithuanian woman, who says her strong grip is down to years of milking goats, held on to the man until police arrived.

Soja Popova, from Klaipeda, was shoved to the ground when she opened the door to two young men.

But she fought back by grabbing the nearest by the testicles and squeezing 'with all my force as hard as I could'.

She told police: 'He started screaming like an animal and his friend was trying to pull him free, but I have a grip like iron.'

The man's screams of agony and his friend's shouts for the woman to let go alerted neighbours, who called police.

The pair were caught after escaping through a bedroom window and into the street where a police car was waiting to take the injured man to hospital and his friend to a jail cell.

A police spokesman said: 'They would not have got far, one of them could hardly walk and seemed pleased when he saw the police car. He demanded that he be taken to hospital because he was in so much pain.'"


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