Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Desparate for Defeat

American Prowler
"The Democrats' tendency to hype with great melodrama the evil of their country while remaining clueless about the monstrosities of the enemy is connected to their agnostic foreign policy:

Were they to see the enemy too clearly, they would have to support a more dominant role for America than they wish.

Wanting to put America in its place on the international stage, with 'parity' but not advantage over others, they have to portray threats to America very benignly.

This explains how the Democrats could stumble into the absurd position of saying that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was terrorist-free and that he just wasn't the sort of person to associate with Muslim terrorists.

This whitewash of pre-war Iraq has become essential to the Democrats' assertion that America could have won the war on terrorism while ignoring one of its loci -- an assertion no more persuasive than the Democrats' claim that Marxist expansionism in Central America had nothing to do with the Soviet threat."
Yep. Mongo calls wanting to have your country less strong in a time of war TREASON. That is what the "global test" Kerry was talking about was all about. Am I calling Kerry a traitor for that statement? no. I believe you have to investigate his trip to Paris during Vietnam when he might have spoken with the North Vietnamese during the war. Then you might find a smoking gun...


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