Friday, November 25, 2005

Eject! Eject! Eject! on Tribes

To those of you who haven't read Bill Whittle -- the Hollyweird ex-liberal who figured out that liberalism doesn't equal nirvana ...
Eject! Eject! Eject!: "The Pink Tribe is all about feeling good: feeling good about yourself! Sexually, emotionally, artistically ... nothing is off limits, nothing is forbidden, convention is fossilized insanity and everybody gets to do their own thing without regard to consequences, reality, or natural law.

We all have our own "reality" one small personal reality is called "science", say and we Make Our Own Luck and we Visualize Good Things and There Are No Coincidences and Everything Happens for a Reason and You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be and we all have Special Psychic Powers and if something Bad should happen it's because Someone Bad Made It Happen. A Spell, perhaps.

The Pink Tribe motto, in fact, is the ultimate Zen Koan, the sound of one hand clapping: EVERYBODY IS SPECIAL.
Hey libtards, does this sound familiar? It must be nice not to accept responsiblity or say that someone or thing is responsible for your failures (not "deferred success", FAILURES)

Then, in the other corner, there is the Grey Tribe -- the grey of reinforced concrete. This is a Tribe where emotion is repressed because Emotion Clouds Judgment.

This is the world of Quadratic Equations and Stress Risers and Loads Torsional, Compressive and Tensile, a place where Reality Can Ruin Your Best Day, the place where Murphy mercilessly picks off the Weak and the Incompetent, where the Speed Limit is 186,282.36 miles per second, where every bridge has a Failure Load and levees come in 50 year, 100 year and 1000 Year Flood Flavors.

The Grey Tribe motto is, near as I can tell, THINGS BREAK SOMETIMES AND PLEASE DON/T LET IT BE MY BRIDGE."

Bill Whittle


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