Thursday, December 30, 2004

Boortz on the US Airways Unions Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze:
"don't you just love unions? Over the Christmas weekend some US Airways employees decided it would be a good idea for a little union fun and games. They called in 'sick' in huge numbers. The result was chaos as thousands of holiday travelers were separated from their luggage. Remember the first rule of airline unions. The airline must not be allowed to make a profit and the passengers don't count. These people have the typical union mentality. They think they're actually working for their union, not for the airline. Unions. gotta love 'em."

Yep Neal Nails It Again (emphasis mine in article). I grew up in a Union town, St. Louis, and have been around unions and union members my whole life. One of my best friends was extremely active in the UAW. He worked as management for 20 years and then went back to the assembly line after that.

Here is what I don't get, and you Union guys can tell me. One, in the quote above, I totally agree with the statement emphasized. The members many times believe they are working for the Union, not the Company. Why? Is the Union cutting your paycheck? I don't get it. Here is what I believe Unions have achieved in this Nation, and what they have caused.

Better Working Conditions in most industries

Labor Laws such as OSHA (which have made Unions almost obsolete)

A higher standard of living for workers.

Complete destruction of entire industries (textiles) due to wage demands.

Outsourcing to non-union employees or to other nations

Complete relocation of factories from heavily unionized areas (the North) to the South.

A breakdown in our government school education system to the point it is nearly unworkable.

Higher prices for goods, then complaints when lower cost producers obsolete the high priced goods and the Union workers end up unemployed.

The employment of feather bedding leeches (which I have seen in almost all the union shops I have visited). This raises costs, which can lead to higher prices... see above.

A stable (?) workforce.

Let me know where I'm wrong.


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