Wednesday, December 29, 2004

U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy'

U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy' over aid - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics

"It is beyond me why are we so stingy, really," the Norwegian-born U.N. official told reporters. "Christmastime should remind many Western countries at least, [of] how rich we have become."
"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy," he said, adding that politicians in the United States and Europe "believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

Yep, that's what the Norweigan, Jan Egeland, said about us. Google this, it's all over the Web. BTW it appears that Jan is trying to backtrack on his statement, even though the UN has a video of the news conference on its site... By the way, he says "we". Real inclusive. Norway has about 5 million people.. how much do you think they will pay?

This reminds me of an experiance I had about 20 years ago. I was in San Francisco on business, having a beer by myself in the Hyatt. I met a lady (in her 60's, I was in my 30's) from Bergen, Norway. A businesswoman. What I'll never forget is what she told me about Norway (and their socialist system). A person cannot OPEN a business until a government bureaucrat approves the business on the basis of its potential for success.

Think about it. Do you guess Bill Gates could have convinced someone at the Post Office (or whatever Government Office you can name) that Microsoft could fly?

My point is .... these socialist moonbats need to be escorted off our continent. Kofi and the whole bunch of dictators and molesters (check the web). We've heard enough from the feckless UN.


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