Thursday, December 23, 2004

Plays Of The Weak VI - Bob Parks -�

Plays Of The Weak VI - Bob Parks -
"There used to be a time where we all felt comfortable with the knowledge that if something was reported by NBC, CBS, or the New York Times, it was authentic and was thereby cold, hard fact. That was before the recent 'forged but accurate' tactic verified what most on the right have contended for years. Personal ideology was allowed to seep from the editorial page and morph into the front page. People like Peter Jennings can now get away with making promos where he assures us that he will not just report the news, but 'explain' it to what ABC must consider a dumb 'red state' viewership that needs to be led towards the 'correct' assessment of a given issue."

During the last 35 years I have seen the editorial page creep in the St. Louis Post Dispatch so that now it starts at the front page and ends at the automobile ads in the back (or maybe the cartoons). Probably the cartoons, for the entire newspaper is hilarious, and only fit to wrap dead fish in.

It didn't used to be this way in St. Louis, but at that time there were two competing newspapers. When the Post became the single paper, any fact checking was lost. Now a proud newspaper has become a pandering rag to the Democratic political machine which runs the City of St. Louis.


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