Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The 3rd Annual Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States: The 2004 Edition

Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views):
"8) The Mainstream Media
It's no secret that the mainstream media, other than a few exceptions like Fox News and the Washington Times, is almost uniformly liberal, even if they usually won't admit it. But this year, in large part, they seemed particularly unconcerned about showing where their sympathies truly lay.
The MSM obsessed over whether George W. Bush had ever gone 'AWOL' from the National Guard, a laughable charge, that never held any water. CBS was so desperate to keep the 'AWOL' story going that they even ran with memos that were so obviously forged that they inspired parodies within 24 hours of their original broadcast!
On the other hand, John Kerry, who ran on what he did during the Vietnam war, largely got a free pass on his anti-war activities. Then when Swift Boat Vets for Truth --- a group of vets who included the majority of soldiers who served with Kerry in Vietnam, one of his crewmates, and every living member of his chain-of-command --- came on the scene, the MSM acted like Pavlov's dogs. When Kerry ignored the Swifties, the MSM for the most part ignored them. When Kerry attacked, the MSM attacked. When Kerry said they had been discredited, the MSM said they had been discredited. It was like the entire mainstream media was made up of nothing but sock puppets sitting on the hands of Kerry campaign staffers.

Of course that wasn't all the MSM did. They pumped up every anti-Bush book that came down the pike, buried good economic news, talked up every set-back in Iraq, hyped Kerry's performance in the debates beyond all reason, and generally did everything short of putting on little 'We love Kerry buttons' every time they mentioned his name. "

Well Right Wing News has the Socialist Mainstream Media (SMSM) as number 8 on their list of annoying liberals. Read the whole article at the link to find out who the predictible #1 is.

Sorry, I think the SMSM is #1, and they aren't just annoying, they are dangerous to our democracy. I've heard a lot of libtards denigrate Fox News. The one thing I have found at Fox is that commentary is clearly marked commentary.

The SMSM doesn't denote its programs as commentary, because ALL of the S**T it FEEDS US IS COMMENTARY. It is "All the News thats LEFT to Print". I've known for a long time it is not the spin they place on the news, it is what is NOT REPORTED. They are smart enough propagandists, they have set the national subjects for debate. What they don't want to discuss, like the failing Socialist Programs in Europe and Canada, they don't let on to the table. Oops, SMSM.... enter the bloggers.


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