Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Lame Duck Gov Looses Cons on Us

STLtoday (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

"Gov. Bob Holden recently pardoned or commuted the sentences of 23 convicted criminals, including three murderers, and could grant more clemency requests before his term ends in January."

Cute story. In the "St Louis City County" section of the Post-Dispatch. I guess they Had to report it, so stick it somewhere unimportant. Jamie Allman of Talk 97.1 pointed it out to me on the drive into work yesterday.

Okay Bobby you let them out. The Post story says Governors due this all the time (so did Clinton when he left office). But....

"Holden's clemency declarations all occurred the day before Thanksgiving, but his office didn't announce the actions until asked about them Monday."

Afraid of something, Bobby?


This is

1. A lame duck governor who did not even win his own party's (the Demogog's) primary election in 2004.

2. The same governor who blocked the right to carry concealed weapons for registered, law abiding citizens. Vetoed the bill and was overridden by the Legislature.

3. A governor who ended up in office with the assistance of illegal voting activity in 2000 in the City of St. Louis.

Yep, he's a prince. It's evident whose side he is on. The convict's side?

No, that is too simple. He is on the side of the trial lawyers. The scum that he decide to loose to prey upon society will victimize us again. More money in legal fees for his friends who defend them. Keep the judges busy and expand the court industry. More donations to the Demagogs from the Trial Lawyers and the Public Employees Unions.

The victims? They don't have lobbies to give the bucks for elections. Hell, they might even be Republican....

They can't even have guns to defend themselves according to Bobby.


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