Monday, December 13, 2004

Liberals, Leftists and the War in Iraq

FrontPage :: by David Horowitz:

"By the same token, as a supporter of the war, I make a distinction between those who oppose the war out of love country and those who don't. Patriotic dissenters (if I may use that term) criticize the war because they believe the conflict in Iraq reflects mainly honest but flawed decisions, weakens our security and distracts us from the task at hand. Unpatriotic critics (if I may use that term) are those who oppose the war because they regard America as essentially guilty, and share a common dream with our enemies of a world liberated from America's oppressive presence."

Emphasis added.

Excellent read. It poses the question of whether or not people who oppose the policy and direction of the United States are the loyal opposition, or America hating traitors.

"It would be far easier to separate this anti-American left from patriotic critics, if the patriots would do some of the separating themselves. It is difficult to establish such a separation, when leaders of the Democratic Party are embracing unsavory figures like Michael Moore. It is difficult when prominent figures in the Democratic Party embrace radicals who opposed the war in Afghanistan, making common cause with them in an effort to shift the Party to the left."


Blogger Middle_America said...

The reason they continue to embrace those as Michael Moore and Moveon.org_money.

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