Friday, December 17, 2004

Read Your Newspaper - While You Still Can

Read Your Newspaper - While You Still Can - Fred Reed -´┐Ż:
"The media can't change. They are too close to being part of the government they purport to cover, too steeped in the artificial egalitarianism of the newsroom, too afraid of each other, of advertisers, of being racist or sexist, too big and smug and ossified. They cannot report anything that might disturb blacks, women, homosexuals, Jews, Latinos, or mental defectives. Although the rosy-fingered dawn may now be penetrating the hitherto intractable darkness, too many journalists live in the past. Like IBM when it thought that the personal computer was a funny little typewriter, they stare into the tiger's maw and think that it's a closet. They would probably invest in slide rules."

A good read from Reed...Slap! ... just hit myself.

The libtards who run the media are going to find out that they NO LONGER control the discussion of what and who is important. Oh, don't get me wrong, we still need these dweebs as point people to get the story out of Washington. We also need them so the people who rat out others can go spilling to them. They no longer get to DEFINE the Agenda, by spinning the truth, or cutting what they feel to be "truth" out of whole cloth.

If the entire media went away today, I believe the blogs would step in. Some citizens will be interested in local news and issues, and would analyze and report them. Others of their ilk can fact check the initial blogger. Sports bloggers can do the sports reporting. Washington bloggers the national political scene.

Some of these bloggers will be liberal, some conservative. Cool. Pick your poison. If you are on the other side of an issue go to a blog and blow off steam.

Man, it is going to be wonderful. Bye Dan, Peter, all you local talking heads, and hey, the St. Louis Post-Disgrace, I'll miss you most of all.


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