Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Words have Meanings - Bush seeks to mend fences in Canada - Nov 30, 2004:
"Bush seeks to mend fences in Canada"

I have a game I've played for years when I read the leftist press. Watch the way they phrase their headlines, and the way they refer to people.

When a Demogog is in office, in the headline the'll put the word President and spell out the persons full name, i.e "Bill Clinton", "William Jefferson Clinton". If a Republican is in office they typically leave off the office and use the last name, i.e. "Bush"

Read the above headline, and ask yourself why in HELL would the President want to "mend fences" with Canada. They were the ones who turned their back on us. They are the ones who make disparaging remarks about us.

I'll tell you what to do with the fences..... send the bitching Liberals over them. They'll love the Socialist lifestyle. When they want to come back to get some quality, non-rationed medical care..... tell them to stay in the frozen North.


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