Monday, February 07, 2005

A Kennedy by Any Other Name ...

A Kennedy by Any Other Name is a Churchill - Frank Salvato -
"Today Kennedy claims the US military is mired in a tactical 'quagmire' just as loudly and illegitimately as he did in the 1960's when he was protesting his brother's war.

He is doing it for the same reasons as well, not because it is the truth but for political gain. His tired and unfounded conspiracy theories about how we came to be in Iraq established, Kennedy is now demanding that President Bush expose an 'exit strategy' for disengaging our troops from Iraq.

The two obvious eyebrow-raisers here are: 1) we all know our 'exit strategy' -- a stable, self-sufficient, democratic Iraq, and 2) publicizing our military strategies is definitely not a product of 'enlightened' thinking. Instead it is incredibly stupid. It gives our enemy information on just how long they have to hold out until they can be victorious.

If an award for incompetence in military strategy were created, Kennedy would be honored for lifetime achievement. He has never been on the winning side of any US conflict and has demonstrated a desire to aid the enemy with his rhetoric and obstructionism. Why in God's name should we ever listen to this man in matters of conflict?"

Emphasis mine. Bravo. The Churchill Salvato speaks of in his title is the traitor Ward Churchill from the University of Colorado. My thoughts on fat Teddy.


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