Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Iraq Review -- After Two Years Emphasis Mongo's
"Operation Iraqi freedom, which began two years ago this month, is now starting to wind down. Iraq's first freely elected parliament in 50 years took their seats yesterday. Not only is this historic, but we've been told for months by the left that it would never happen.

First, it was the invasion...surely it would cost tens of thousands of American lives. It did not. Then it was the handover of power to an interim Iraqi government. That was unrealistic, decreed the Democrats. It should be delayed. We handed over power early, without incident.

Then there were the elections. We were told by the left and their America-hating counterparts at the U.N. that the elections should be delayed. Surely a vote was impossible while the insurgents were taking over! Not only did the elections get held, but there was record turnout and minimal violence. Even still, in the face of such an overwhelming success, the Bush administration got no credit for being right.

And so now here we are...the new parliament in Baghdad is in session. Yet another chapter in the stunning success of democracy in Iraq, even though you don't hear much about how well it's going. "

This is a good thumbnail analysis of what is going on in Iraq. If you sit and really consider what we have accomplished it is, for the most part, amazing. I believe in 2008 we will be laughing at the Socialist Mainstream Media, who are predicting a second term fall for the Bush Administration. They will be wrong again.

Maybe the SMSM doesn't really recognize that we don't have a President who dishonors his office by pulling out his willie in the Oval Office? No, they recognize it. It scares the pants off of them. Hey Socialists!! It's Over!! Don't worry, we'll keep you around for comic relief and bad examples.


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