Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Suspect Said to Admit Plan to Kill Bush

Yahoo! News: (Emphasis Mongo's)
"Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, 23, admitted 'multiple times' that he joined al-Qaida while studying overseas in Saudi Arabia and discussed plans with the terrorist network to assassinate President Bush, FBI agent Barry Cole said.

The agent also said the suspect talked about plans for a Sept. 11-type attack in which 'hijackers would board planes in Great Britain and Australia ... so they did not have to have U.S. visas.'

'Once into U.S. territories they would fly into designated targets,' he said.
Abu Ali also discussed killing U.S. congressmen, soldiers and blowing up naval ships in American ports, Cole said. He said Abu Ali's confessions are corroborated by the admissions of an al-Qaida cell leader in Saudi Arabia who surrendered to authorities.

Abu Ali, a U.S. citizen who grew up in Falls Church, is charged with conspiring with al-Qaida to kill the president in a plan that prosecutors said was hatched while he studied in Saudi Arabia in 2002 and 2003.

Cole said that the al-Qaida leaders gave Abu Ali two options: He could either become part of a martyr operation or he could establish a cell in the United States and he would 'marry a Christian woman, assimilate into the community and he would be provided operatives.' "

Okay, this terrorist POS is 23 and studied in Saudi Arabia in 2002/2003, where he received his al-Qaida marching orders. SEE THE SIGNIFICANCE? While our troops are slogging in Afganistan this POS is getting instructions in Saudi. Our allies... My ass.

Here is an idea. Let the Muslim world know if the United States is hit again, we will NUKE Mecca.

UPDATE -- Okay, maybe I was a little wrong, or a lot. Apparently the Saudis picked up this dude and "tortured" him. OH MY! They got the info.

I still say we put the Mecca threat on the books.


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