Wednesday, April 13, 2005

An Open Letter to Sarah Brady, Angel of Doom

I can't say this any better. From individ:
"An Open Letter to Sarah Brady, Angel of Doom

In response to the shooting tragedy that unfolded at the high school in northern MN last week, Sarah Brady, chair of the Brady Campaign, wondered when the nation's leaders will have had enough: 'When will the government do something to help stop the bloodshed?'.

Yes, Sarah. When WILL the government repeal the lion share of the 22,000 repressive, human rights-violating gun laws on the books in this country?

Yes, Sarah, the gun laws that do not work in the least, according to the CDC and the NAS

Yes, Sarah, the laws that make it impossible for a law-abiding citizen in the District of Columbia to protect their own family in their own home.

Yes Sarah, the laws that leave people in our inner cities so defenseless, that they will not come forward to report crimes in their own neighborhoods, because, on their block, ONLY the criminals are armed.

Yes, Sarah, the laws that prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their children outside their own home.

Yes, Sarah, when will the government stop raping its citizens of their Worth and Dignity?

And, Sarah, when will you stop your oppression of the basic civil rights of 'we, the people'?

And, Sarah, how much longer will you continue to deprive minorities, the elderly and the infirm, indeed, each and every individual, of the basic human right to defend themselves and their loved ones?

When, Sarah, when will you accept the responsibility for the murder of all the people, the men, women, whom you have disarmed, many of whom have little, helpless, children in their care?

Criminals are not gun-free, Sarah - no more than they are drug-free in the face of a national prohibition against drugs. It is the INNOCENT you you disarm Sarah. The INNOCENT.

How Long, Sarah?


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