Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Voters were intimidated at polls, Kerry says

Yep the "hero" is at it again (emphasis Mongo's) :
"BOSTON -- Many voters in last year's presidential election were denied access to the polls through trickery and intimidation, former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry told a voters' group Sunday.

''Last year too many people were denied their right to vote, too many who tried to vote were intimidated,'' the Massachusetts senator said at an event sponsored by the state League of Women Voters.

''There is no magic wand. No one person is going to stand up and suddenly say it's going to change tomorrow. You have to do that,'' he said.

Kerry backers have said voting irregularities in largely Democratic areas made it difficult for voters to cast ballots in the November election. A lawsuit in Ohio cited long lines and a voting machine shortage in predominantly minority neighborhoods, but the Ohio Supreme Court dismissed the suit."
Here we go again. Recognize this for what it is ... the race card. Lemme see here ... Democratic areas (meaning controlled by Democrats) I guess they can't control their own areas, like St. Louis, for example. The St. Louis Mayor is a Democrat, and was reelected last Tuesday. No Republican ran. I guess what Kerry means is that we should leave the polls open on a "disenfranchised voter" pretext like they tried in St. Louis in 2000. That way you can have extra time to pack the ballot boxes, since you are too lazy and disorganized to get it done in the alloted time. It is a "fairness" issue.

Sooner or later, people are going to become sick of having their votes diluted by this graft.


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