Tuesday, June 28, 2005

SS Privatization -- Kelo -- Leftist's reaction and non-reaction

Interesting comparison of leftist's reactions to events from Neal Boortz emphasis added
"You do see what's happening here, don't you?

You do recognize the essential difference between private Social Security accounts and expanded eminent domain powers? ...

It's easy! Bush's plan for private Social Security accounts empowers citizens! The Kelo decision weakens citizens and empowers government!

When you try to empower citizens and weaken government the left is going to rise to the fight! When you weaken citizens and empower government the left is going to remain silent.

Hopefully it isn't news to you that the left is historically not friendly with the concept of private property rights. Do you happen to remember one of the Senate Democrat's principal objections to the appeals court nomination of Janice Rogers Brown. They were concerned that she was too proactive on the issue of private property rights. You can hardly expect a political party that celebrates a war against individualism to be friendly to someone who believes strongly in individual property rights, or to protest a Supreme Court decision that critically injures the concept of private property."


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