Tuesday, July 05, 2005


From Neal Boortz, at boortz.com emphasis added:

Dick Morris is telling us that "personal attacks" on Hillary Clinton will only embolden her. Morris is also a bit upset about Ed Klein's book (The Truth About Hillary) which alludes to homosexuality, a rape at the hands of her husband and other such dark charges.

OK .. a question. Just what constitutes a "personal attack."

Would telling the American people that Hillary holds them in absolute and complete disdain be a personal attack?

How about identifying Hillary as a liar? How about explaining her contempt for the laws of this country; her feeling that those laws apply to others, but not to herself.

What if I detail how Hillary helped with an Arkansas real estate scheme (Casa Grande) that ended up costing the American taxpayers millions?

What if I remind people about her health care plan, a health care plan that could have put you in jail if you dared to try to hire a private doctor. Would that be a personal attack?

What if I remind people that Hillary loves government more than freedom, and believes that America is great because of its government, not because of the dynamic of people working and living together in economic liberty?

Would it be a personal attack if I reminded people that Hillary is a combatant in the war against individualism?


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