Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Kyoto Suicide Pact

Neal Boortz hits a homer again, (emphasis added) :
For what has seemed like an eternity, the enviro-whackos have been jumping up and down screaming about how the Bush Administration is doing nothing about global warming. If only he would sign the much-vaunted Kyoto protocol, that would make everything better, we're told. But to this day, George Bush has refused to go along with it.

Democrats, including The Poodle and Bill Clinton have pushed the Kyoto agreement. Liberals talk about how our standing in the world is suffering because we won't go along with it. After all, most other countries, including England, have signed it.

Just why do you think so much of the world wants the U.S. to sign the Kyoto treaty? Because it would weaken the United States, that's why. Remember, a recent European poll showed that 58% of Europeans wanted to see the United States weakened economically and militarily worldwide. So .. on the one hand the world seems to want a weaker United States .. and that same world wants the U.S. to sign Kyoto.

Duhhhhhh. Connect the dots people!"


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