Thursday, June 30, 2005

Kofi needs more Graft!

The Wall Street Journal analyzes the latest shakedown coming from the UNecessary UNamerican Unbelievable UN. Emphasis added
OpinionJournal - The Real World:
"...That's disturbing. But if there is one item in all Mr. Annan's talk of reform that should provoke distinct horror, cold sweats, and mighty fears over the trajectory of the U.N., it is a small cipher embedded in Mr. Annan's tastefully printed and expensively bound proposal for U.N. reform, 'In Larger Freedom,' Annex item No. 5(d). That would be the proposal that developed countries contribute 0.7% of their gross domestic income to the cause of 'official development assistance.'

For the U.S. alone, where gross national income now totals about $11 trillion, that would add up to more than $82 billion per year--by itself more than 10 times what the U.N. has already failed miserably to manage well. +

And though Mr. Annan does not spell out exactly how such official aid would 'officially' reach its intended beneficiaries, the clear implication is that it would go through the 'official' U.N.--generating a great gush of cash, with no more need for the U.N. to worry about reform, or Mr. Annan and his successors even to strain themselves sending staffers to lobby Washington, or signing self-laudatory Op-eds. "
Look guys, I learned one thing a long while ago, and not from any movie ... "FOLLOW THE MONEY" Money=Power. Also Power with no Accountability is extremely dangerous. Read your history.

The Transnational Socialists want to rule from a non-elected bureaucracy. Through Non Government Organizations, like Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, and the UN. Study the Tranzis and the NGOs. Be aware.

One other thing. The Oil for Food for Bribes for Weopons Scandal at the UN is probably responsible for more than a little blood we had to spill in Iraq. Connect the dots. Saddam would not allow inspections because he had purchased influence in the UN. If Benon Savon (sp?) was a US citizen he would probably be parked in the greybar hotel. As it is he is at the Ritz.


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