Monday, July 18, 2005

Mission Implausible

Ann Coulter
"... The real story about Joseph C. Wilson IV was not that Bush lied about Saddam seeking uranium in Africa; the story was Clown Wilson and his paper-pusher wife, Valerie Plame. By foisting their fantasies of themselves on the country, these two have instigated a massive criminal investigation, the result of which is: The only person who has demonstrably lied and possibly broken the law is Joseph Wilson."
The SMSM (Socialist Main Stream Media) is in a lather about this guy Wilson. If studied this guy a bit. He is a Walter Mitty type who postures as an "agent". His wife, at the time SHE recommended him for the Niger investigation, was a desk jockey at CIA. Until I hear more red meat on this case (which all should be out by now...) I'm not impressed that Rove messed up too bad.


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