Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Property Rights Are Civil Rights

In OpinionJournal - John Fund on the Trail analysis of how the Kelo eminent domain decision has united both the left and right. Emphasis added.
"Many Democrats who used to scoff at conservative fears about activist judges are now joining their barricades when it comes to eminent domain.

In a way this ruling is about civil rights because it interferes with your right to own and keep your property,' says Wilhelmina Leigh, a research analyst with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington. 'It means you have to hope and trust in the goodness of other human beings that if you buy real estate that you will be allowed to keep it.'

Few appear to be willing to trust government on this issue, which is why the Kelo decision has touched off such a populist reaction against it. "
Oh, the Democrats Nanny State can't be trusted with this? Why not, they want the government in all other areas of our lives. Here is why... The Demos know they will lose big time on this issue if they stay with their socialist goals. As long as they control the government handouts, they feel they can control the votes, but when Grandmas house gets bulldozed in the name of tax dollars, they know the pitchforks and torches will not be far behind.


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