Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Suspect in Dutch filmmaker's murder makes dramatic court room confession

If you aren't familiar with the Theo Van Gogh case you can get some information here
"The man accused of killing Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh confessed to a Dutch court that he acted out of his religious beliefs, saying he would do 'exactly the same' if he were ever set free.

'I take complete responsibility for my actions. I acted purely in the name of my religion,' 27-year-old Dutch-Moroccan national Mohammed Bouyeri told the court in Amsterdam on the final day of his trial"
Mongo went on a blogrant after the London bombings, and I put up a post blaming Muslims for the terrorism, and placing the responsibility on all Muslims. After I was called on it by a comment, I pulled the post (the first I have ever pulled). However, if I was a Muslim I would feel partially responsible for the crimes committed on humanity in the name of my religion. If my religion did not try to clean up its radical fringes, I would attempt to. Back to the latest news on the "religion of peace"...

So Bouyeri, after shooting her son 15 times, stabbing him several times, and cutting his throat says to the mother of his victim...

"'I cannot feel for you ... because I believe you are an infidel,' he added."


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