Friday, July 15, 2005

No More Srebrenicas -

A review of the disasterous policies of the UN in the Wall Street Journals OpinionJournal -- Lessons of Srebrenica
.. the U.N.'s disastrous decision to establish 'safe areas' around several threatened ethnic enclaves, including Sarajevo and Srebrenica. According to a 1993 U.N. Secretariat report, safe areas would have the benefits of limiting 'loss of life and property, deterring aggression, demonstrating international concern and involvement, setting the stage for political negotiations and facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aide.'

From the start, however, it was unclear where the U.N. soldiers to protect the enclaves would come from; then-President Clinton had ruled out the deployment of U.S. ground troops. It was also unclear whether the U.N. soldiers in safe areas were actually authorized to use force to defend the people in their care. Worst of all, the price Muslims paid for U.N. protection was to abandon their weapons, which they did within a week of the safe areas' creation."
Our lovely UN and gun control ... a recipe for genocide.


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