Thursday, December 02, 2004

Maureen Dowdisms

Maureen Dowd -- StL Post Dispatch:

"The Republican Visigoths are crushing checks and balances and driving Democrats (and moderate Republicans) into subservient, obedient roles, sticking anti-abortion provisions into major spending bills.

Even the suggestion that Congress has an advise-and-consent role on judges caused the Visigoths to slap Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter into stocks until he whimpered he would do their bidding. "

Emphasis Mine. Wow. Visgoths no less. How about Huns? I wanna be a Hun, they kicked the Visigoths ass! Man I like the terms. How about subservient Ted Kennedy. Oh, the wailing and lamentations of the blue state women will be music to my ears. How about an obedient Charles Schumer? or Hillary? Hop to it Hillary, prostrate yourself to the all powerful GOP! The VRWC has won, hoorah!


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