Friday, December 31, 2004

Two Anthems for Felons taking advantage of San Francisco Gun Control

(Apologies to Scott McKenzie):

If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to take your Smith and Wesson there
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some unarmed people there

For those who come to San Francisco
All the time will be a cake walk there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with their hands up in the air

All across the nation such a strange vibration
Felons in motion

There's a degeneration with a new explanation
Felons in motion Felons in motion

Lets rape and pillage San Francisco
Who’s going to stop us, the cops? that would be rare…
If you come to San Francisco
Bring a Van for the swag that’s there.

If you come to San Francisco
Be sure to bring your Smith and Wesson there.

(Apologies to Tony Bennett)

The loveliness of Paris
seems somehow sadly gay

The glory that was Rome
is of another day

I've been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan
I'm going to roam, the city by the bay.
I’ll bring my gun to San Francisco
An easy touch, it calls to me.

To be where no one carries guns
And I’m the only one
Their upraised hands will fill the air
I’ll get my share!

My love waits there in San Francisco
I’ll rape all day, I know you see
When I come stick it to you, San Francisco,
A felon’s dream, you shine for me!


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