Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Better Mousetrap than the UN?

The PSI Model /A Better Mouse Trap - Geoff Metcalf -
The UN is a dysfunctional gaggle of anti-American pampered bureaucrats who have routinely and chronically mucked up any and all projects over which they assume control.

Yeah, it IS another effort to undermine the UN… kinda like the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) which accomplished more to stem the tide of nuclear weapons proliferation in six to nine months than the UN has in half a century. “Building up”(which translates to throwing money at the UN) is like feeding crack cocaine to the NBA.

Emphasis mine. It is so cool what I'm seeing. Here's my thoughts. I was very disappointed in President Bush when he didn't take the opportunity to trash Kofi Annan. Why not? Annan actively opposed Bush's presidential run. There is talk that U.N. Nuclear Chief el (al?) Baredai worked up the "IRAQ WMD missing" scam a few weeks before the election to smear Bush. There is the "Oil for Food for Bribes" UN investigation (scandal?) ongoing. There is the pencil neck Norweigan Jan Egeland with the "stingy" comment.

Why not have the UN pack up and leave New York? Why don't we cut their funding? Why don't we jump up and down and scream and throw a fit when they ask our people, paid for by our money, to put on UN Blue to make them look good. Diplomad has a lot of stories about these UNgrateful socialist leeches.

Here's Mongo's Mutter on the UN. We are letting them swing in the breeze.

When there is something important to do (Iraq, Tsunami Aid), we ignore them. We know they are useless, but they keep the dictators and the socialists occupied while we and our allies do our work. The Transnational Socialists are putting a lot of hope in the UN, and all we have to do is leave the UN alone to continue to show its impotence. This is the major organization the Tranzi's have. Let them play with it. The alternative is that they form a new organization, or increase the power of another organization where we won't have the level of control we have now.


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