Friday, March 04, 2005

Another Hit by the Supremes

A lot has been written in the press regarding the Supreme Court deciding a case on a 17 year old who committed a case of premeditated murder, and whom, the Court decided, should not be executed. A small bit of research will convince you of the perps guilt as well as the appropriateness of the death penalty in this case. I believe that a more important issue is at hand.

The American Spectator by George Neumayr:
"The Supreme Court's judicial activists are cutting off the branch on which they sit. By rejecting the law and putting their personal opinions in its place, the justices invite the people to imitate them and disregard their decrees with the same willfulness they disregard the Constitution. If Anthony Kennedy isn't bound by the framers' words, why are the people bound by his?"
Emphasis Mongo's.

Justice Kennedy cited "international" law, etc. in his decision. O'Connor did the same thing about a year ago. Another who has a good take on this is Tony Blankley in The Washington Times
"After Justice Kennedy used five pages of his logically incoherent majority opinion to cite a hodge podge of foreign laws, he limply and defensively concluded his opinion: 'It does not lessen our fidelity to the Constitution or our pride in its origins to acknowledge that the express affirmation of certain fundamental rights by other nations and people simply underscores the centrality of those same rights within our own heritage of freedom.' When a Supreme Court justice feels it necessary to write as the closing words of his opinion that he still holds fidelity to the Constitution, it is more than reasonable to assume he knows he has just betrayed that sacred document. But at least he has vouchsafed his popularity at liberal cocktail parties for another year. "

The Republicans have ONE duty to the nation. Stop the UNELECTED JUDGES from making law from the bench. Appoint Judges who are strict constructionists. The constitution is not a "living document" that the socialists can use to add their elitist, unpopular (and most importantly, unelectable), agenda.


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