Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So Who is Joseph Wilson? (and who cares?)

From Neal Boortz at boortz.com
He was the ambassador in Iraq during the first Gulf War. He is a partisan Democrat. His wife sent him to Africa to investigate the claims that Saddam Hussein sought to acquire yellowcake uranium from that country. Joe Wilson came back and concluded that Iraq did not try to buy the yellowcake uranium. Although Saddam Hussein did get it from somewhere, because he had 500 tons of it already (see today's reading assignments.)

At that point, what did Joe Wilson do? As the one supposedly worried about national security, secrecy and the integrity of the CIA? He wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, talking about the whole thing. So much for secrecy. Joe Wilson also lied and said the Vice President sent him to Africa. Dick Cheney doesn't even know Joe Wilson.

So we know that Joe Wilson is a Bush-basher, partisan liberal Democrat and a liar. He's also selling a book that he's written. Those are facts that cannot be disputed. Yet in all of this, the mainstream media and the left is hitching their wagons to Wilson as if he's the victim here and as if his intentions are entirely pure
Mongo emphasizes Neal's comments. Outside of the Beltway this is no news at all (but it made it to the front page of the St. Louis Post Disgrace). This guy Wilson is a hack, and his wife WAS NOT an agent at the time she dispatched him (paid by the taxpayers) on this trip to Niger. In addition, we received reports from BRITISH Intelligence about the uranium.

The SMSM has made this kerfluffle, and I believe (or hope) the American People can look past the media's thinly veiled masks to see their seething hatred of the Bush Administration.


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