Friday, September 30, 2005

Good Advise from a True Patriot

'A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion of your walks.' Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr, 1785. ME 5:85, Papers 8:407

Photo by Oleg Volk

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cooing at new-born babies banned in England

BBC NEWS | England | West Yorkshire

Some new mothers have already said they are astonished by the rules which stop people asking questions about their babies or looking at them in maternity wards.

Debbie Lawson, neo-natal manager at the hospital's special care baby unit, said: "Cooing should be a thing of the past because these are little people with the same rights as you or me."
Okay, let's say these Socialist Politically Correct idiotarians have their way. I will wager a LOT of money that in 20 years things like violence and crime are blamed on a "lack of cooing" immediately after birth. "The poor criminal didn't feel wanted..."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Walter E. Williams on Slavery reparations

Walter E. Williams: Slavery reparationsMongo emphasis ...

The slavery reparations shakedown lobby is gearing up for attacks on American industry. They've failed in the courts and Congress, so they're going after weak-kneed CEOs.

At the NAACP's recent annual convention, Dennis C. Hayes, its interim president, said, 'Absolutely, we will be pursuing reparations from companies that have historical ties to slavery and engaging all parties to come to the table.' According to Mr. Hayes, 'Many of the problems we have now including poverty, disparities in health care and incarceration can be directly tied to slavery.'
Lemmeesee, so historically slavery ended January 1, 1864, and we owe reparations to the poor ancestors of those slaves? I would love to see a CEO of a major corporation have Mr. Hayes arrested and charged with extortion.

The recent phase of the reparations movement contains an interesting twist. Rev. Wayne Perryman, a conservative minister of Mount Calvary Christian Center Church of God in Christ in Seattle, Wash., has filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Party.

His lawsuit, filed in United States District Court in Seattle, charges 'that because of their racist past practices the Democratic Party should be required to pay African Americans Reparations.' Rev. Perryman's brief, citing abundant historical evidence, charges that the past racist policies and practices that were initiated against blacks by the Democratic Party -- were no different than the policies and practices that were initiated by the Nazi Party against the Jews.
Good on you Reverand. The Democratic party has enslaved thousands with their socialist policies. Go get em!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

Jimmy Carter's take on elective history.

."American University 9/19/05 Q and I One answer from the peanut brain from Plains:

"A: Well, I would say that in the year 2000 there's no doubt in my mind that Al Gore was elected president. He received the most votes nationwide and in my opinion he also received the most votes in Florida. and the decision was made by a 5-4 vote on a bipartisan basis by the US Supreme Court.

I would in 2000 there was a failure.
HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, MR. CARTER? (I would say "President" but you have NEVER earned the respect that title conveys. I remember 35 percent interest rates. I remember Iran. The only good thing you did you diminutive brained psychopathic socialist is give us Ronald Reagan, who almost put your pet governmental type, Communism, in its grave.)

Back on subject, yep there was a FAILURE Jimmy. The failure was the pandering which was done by Democrats in Democratic counties, who were too f'n dumb to count the votes, let alone vote properly.

The year 2004 is hard to grade. I don't have any detailed information as to what went wrong in Ohio. if Ohio had gone one way or the other it would have changed the outcome of the election.

And the other thing that I know about Ohio was that there's general consensus, that the secretary of state of Ohio, who was responsible for the administration of elections was highly partisan in his public approach and perhaps even in his private administration but I don't know about that."
emphasis mine. So if Ohio had gone "one way or the other" it would have changed the outcome? Which way? If both your ways would have elected Kerry, which manner of corruption would you choose?

In the second paragraph you accuse the Ohio secretary of state of being "highly partisan" but then you say "I don't know about that". Which is it? If you don't know, do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut...

Friday, September 23, 2005


Yep Mongo is having a blogaversary! Wish him well or expect a visit....

Nah, It's been fun, a place to vent, and I got an advanced degree from Harvard mailed to me...

A story that hurts guys ...

Ananova : "Woman, 93, grabbed robber where it hurts

A 93-year-old woman with a 'grip like iron' fought back against a robber by grabbing him by the testicles.

The Lithuanian woman, who says her strong grip is down to years of milking goats, held on to the man until police arrived.

Soja Popova, from Klaipeda, was shoved to the ground when she opened the door to two young men.

But she fought back by grabbing the nearest by the testicles and squeezing 'with all my force as hard as I could'.

She told police: 'He started screaming like an animal and his friend was trying to pull him free, but I have a grip like iron.'

The man's screams of agony and his friend's shouts for the woman to let go alerted neighbours, who called police.

The pair were caught after escaping through a bedroom window and into the street where a police car was waiting to take the injured man to hospital and his friend to a jail cell.

A police spokesman said: 'They would not have got far, one of them could hardly walk and seemed pleased when he saw the police car. He demanded that he be taken to hospital because he was in so much pain.'"

Thursday, September 22, 2005

2A Story

photo from Oleg Volk at

from Neal Boortz
"Now here's another phrase that twists my short hairs.

We had an incident in Atlanta last week where a civilian, Shawn Roberts, saw a crime being committed, and took action. Roberts was driving down a suburban Atlanta street when he saw a black male beating a white woman and trying to force her into a car. Roberts turned around to see the car driving off with the predator behind the wheel and the woman fighting for her life in the passenger seat. Roberts continued to follow the car as the female continued to fight her abductor.

The car swerved into the path of a cement truck. The resulting accident killed the woman, but the bastard who had carjacked and kidnapped her was unhurt.

He jumped out of the car and ran .... Shaw Roberts was right behind him. The perp had a gun and pointed it at Roberts. Roberts had a gun and used it to blow the worthless POS away.

Oh .. and by the way, the perp had raped and beaten a woman in the Atlanta
the week before. He'll never do it again, and the Georgia taxpayers will never have to pay to feed the SOB in jail.

OK .. on with the "taking the law into our own hands" bit. Here's a link to a conversation thread. Warning -- the participants in this thread are car nuts who post pictures of their cars with their comments. If you'll read through these links you will soon run across a character who says that Shawn Roberts should be charged with manslaughter ... that he "took the law into his own hands."


Those of you who didn't attend government schools may already understand this ... but the law IS in our hands. Law enforcement is not something citizens seize from police officers, it is a function that citizens delegate to police officers.
emphasis Mongo's (if you want to link to the idiot conversations, go to the Boortz Link.)

I am not a victim. I am not a subject. I am a citizen. I will defend my status.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Welp, my masthead isn't loading too well, no pics of the boy, so I am going to wait a day till blogger gets its act together.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Modest Proposal

Burt Prelutsky -
"…Unfortunately, life’s never that simple. The Muslims don’t hate us because we’re in Iraq, but because we exist. They hate us because we’re everything they are not -- advanced technologically, democratic, powerful and Judeo-Christian. We don’t subjugate and mutilate our women, we don’t behead our enemies, and our young men don’t blow themselves up in the hope of spending eternity in a celestial brothel. They despise our music, our movies, our tattoos and body-piercing, our TV shows, and even the way we dress. Okay, there’s something to be said for their side, I’ll grant you, but not much.

If all the Muslims around the world would move back to the backwaters from whence they came, back to the good old days of the ninth century, I, for one, would happily bid them adieu But, instead, they’re busy causing misery and havoc all over the place -- butchering civilians in Bali, London, Madrid, the Philippines, South Africa, New York -- all in the name of Allah.

I understand I am tarring people who have never lifted a hand in anger, people who are presumably disgusted by the activities of their co-religionists. But that’s not good enough. By and large, even here in America, their silence is deafening. One doesn’t hear their religious leaders condemning the terrorists; at most, you hear them whining about racial profiling. Odd that the same religion that put a two million dollar price on the head of novelist Salman Rushdie hasn’t seen fit to place a reward of even a plugged nickel on the head of Osama bin Laden. "

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Cindy Sheehan's Latest Moonbat Rant -- Sad but entertaining...

A post from Cindy Sheehan, from Michael Moore's website (and no, I am not going to link to that fat gasbag's site, if you want to verify this, google it).

A few choice excerpts:

September 16th, 2005

A Bright Spot in Bush World

Amid the Miserable Failures on the Same Planet

A Message from Cindy Sheehan

It has been one month and one week since I sat in a ditch in Crawford, Tx. I can hardly believe it when I think of it myself. So much has happened in that time, and really, so little.

I got to Camp Casey III in Covington, La today, after getting up at 3am to head for the airport. Now it is 3am the next day and we are driving in a car to try and find a hotel to sleep anywhere around Jackson, Miss. I was prepared to be shocked by what I saw in Louisiana, but I guess one can never really fully prepare for such devastation and tragedy. After living in a country your entire life it is so difficult to see such callous indifference on an immense scale. When I reflect on how the mother of the imbecile who is running our country said that the people who are in the Astrodome are happy to be there, it angers me beyond comparison. The people in LA who were displaced have nice, if modest homes that are perfectly fine. I wonder why the government made them leave at great expense and uproot families who have been living in their communities for generations.
Gee, Cindy I know you are insane, but let me point out a few facts or obeservations:

1."I wonder why the government made them leave" .. What part of homes flooded to the eaves don't you understand? By the way, which government are you speaking of, city, state or Federal?

2.What "callous indifference"? Do you have an example, or should we just take your word for it?

3.Do you think the people in the Astrodome would rather be cold, wet and hungry, like they were in NOLA? Do you think they would like to return to being in danger from thugs, creatures, and polluted water?

By the way, if the government was callously indifferent, why would they "make them leave at great expense?


Algiers had no flooding. All of the damage was from winds. There are trees knocked over and shingles off of roofs. There are signs blown over and there was a dead body lying on the ground for 2 weeks before someone finally came to get it.

Even though Algiers came through Katrina relatively unscathed, our federal government tried to force (mostly successfully) the people out of the community. Malik Rahim, a new friend of ours and resident of Algiers, told us stories of the days after the hurricane. …

Ooops, Cindy.. Did a google search on your "new friend" -- Quite the resume, Black Panthers -- Green Party, a typical left wing dirt bag. You should love him…

But he is about as credible as the sole of my tennis shoe! Oh, by the way, how come Malik didn’t pick up the body?


One thing that truly troubled me about my visit to Louisiana was the level of the military presence there. I imagined before that if the military had to be used in a CONUS (Continental US) operations that they would be there to help the citizens: Clothe them, feed them, shelter them, and protect them.

But what I saw was a city that is occupied. I saw soldiers walking around in patrols of 7 with their weapons slung on their backs. I wanted to ask one of them what it would take for one of them to shoot me. Sand bags were removed from private property to make machine gun nests.
Maybe because your boy Malik's thugs had shot at them as they tried to help? And if they are "walking around" why the "machine gun nests"?

"I wanted to ask one of them what it would take for one of them to shoot me."

You are full of crap Cindy, if you wanted to ask, you should of. YOu are a whining, leftard bitch who disgraces your son's memory. Would you ask that question of your son?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Neal Boortz tearing apart a liberal -- very entertaining

Neal Tears apart a liberal
First the letter:"Atlanta Journal Constitution "Monied America lacks moral goodness

Congratulations, monied America: You wanted your gated communities to keep out the poor, to protect yourselves from crime, to separate yourselves from undesirables.

You took the high roads and built your gated communities on them so you would stay dry and clean while the stormwaters of filth and despair flooded their neighborhoods.

You did it. You kept out the poor, you concentrated the crime in the poor neighborhoods, effectively ensuring those neighborhoods would remain poor and broken. You separated yourselves from the undesirables.

And then you left them, to die in attics and on rooftops and in the streets and in the disgusting halls of commerce and sports. The richest nation in the world is the most destitute when it comes to true moral goodness. God could not bless this America at all.

Engle, of Atlanta, is director of the Kenneth Cole Fellowship in Community Building and Social Change and senior program associate in the Office of University-Community Partnerships at Emory University.
now Boortz's comments

Ms. Engle, I need to take the gloves off for a moment, you supercilious jerk. How dare you say that "you left them, to die in attics and on rooftops and in the streets and in the disgusting halls of commerce and sports?" You sure told us a lot about yourself with that sentence, didn't you? Commerce is disgusting? This is the label you attach to the one economic system that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in the history of civilization? Disgusting? But then, you work in the academic world, don't you? One wonders if you have a job skill that could earn you a comfortable living in the private sectors. My guess would be that you do not.

"Left them to die?" What in the hell are you talking about? When police and firefighters, the fantastic first-responders we all rely on, went in to rescue the stranded they were fired on by roving gangs of thugs from the poor neighborhoods you so love – and this started happening on day one. Nurses and doctors (who very well may have lived in gated communities) stayed on duty in their hospitals moving their patients to ever-high floors as the looters and predators worked their way up from below. Helicopters trying to evacuate patients from hospitals and from the Super Dome were fired upon. Left them to die? These people were risking death to rescue the poor, and you write that the poor were left to die?
By the way, BOYCOTT KENNETH COLE PRODUCTS! He is the support for the "Fellowship" which employs this b***h! Let her get a real job.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Interdictor -- Live from NOLA

."A wonderful site which is an electronic journal of the events in NOLA during and after Katrina. This is a first person account from a fellow who lived through the storm and its aftermath while baby sitting computers. A great quote
" .... Makes me wonder though, given how corrupt this state and city are, how much of that federal aid money (tax dollars) is going to do any good, and how much is going to hit the pockets of politicians' friends. Want to know about corruption? One of our recent governor races was between Edwards and Duke.

Duke eventually served time in jail and Edwards is still there. Edwards got to be governor in that election.

Want a casino license? Go to the governor's mansion and lose $10,000 or so in a poker game to Edwards. Man, he was a great card player! Should have been in the World Series of Poker, that guy. That's how this state has been since as long as I can remember. Every once in a while, the FBI comes in and cleans out a bunch of the criminals, but then things go back to corruption as usual. Just something to think about before dumping one hundred billion dollars of tax money down here ...

Not a bad point. Read about Huey Long ... politics in LA haven't changed much since then.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Feinstein on Gun Control

Diane "Batshit Mad" Feinstein's opening statement at Robert's Hearing

Okay, I have the Complete Day 1 Transcript from of Senator Diane Feinstein's opening comments in the Roberts hearing. Why bother? Because this "Senator" from Kalifornia (or Pedafornia, or whatever) said something which was excerpted on Fox News that I thought "that is out of context". Well, I got the transcript, and guess what, it wasn't.

This woman is batshit crazy. I HAVE excerpted some of her remarks, with my repartee added. The entire transcript is too long and too sad to put here. This lady is out to lunch... Heereweego!

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Transcript
Monday, September 12, 2005

SPECTER: Senator Feinstein?

FEINSTEIN: "Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.

Good afternoon, Judge Roberts and Mrs. Roberts and the Roberts family.

This must be a moment of enormous pride for you. And I hope that despite the toughness of this hearing, you really realize that this family member of yours is taking over not just the position of an associate justice, but the chief justice of the United States at a time of unique division and polarization in this country.
"unique division and polarization?" okaay??? Let's let that one pass. It is just the start of her statement.
And so many of us are going to be pressing him to see if he has got what we think it takes to do this."
then some cute aside to ex Senator Fred Thompson ..
Judge Roberts, thank you very much.

We spent a very interesting hour together. I came away from it feeling that you’re certainly brilliant, talented and well qualified, and I don’t think there’s a question about that.

But as we take a look at you, 50 years old, to be chief justice of the United States, I think it’s really essential for us to try to determine whether you can be the kind of leader that can generate consensus, find compromise and, above all, really embody the mainstream of American legal thinking.

For me, the most important thing is to see that the chief justice really cares about the fact that justice is provided to all Americans. It’s been said here before, but it’s really important — young and old, rich and poor, powerful and unpowerful, all races, creeds, colors, et cetera."

"This is going to be a big session..."
then she touches on abortion, the environment, la di dah...
Chief Justice Rehnquist, I believe, will be remembered not only for this distinguished tenure, which it certainly was, but also for applying a much more restrictive interpretation of the Constitution which has limited the role of Congress.

In recent years, the court has adopted a politically conservative states’ rights view of several constitutional provisions.
Yep, the court hasn't made law out of whole cloth like you and your leftist friends would like them to.
As a result, congressional authority to enact important legislation has been significantly curtailed...
Okay, if this is legislation you and your Commie friends put out, I'm sure the Court did the right thing.
Based on these federalism grounds, the court has wiped out ...
a lot of her pet leftist legislation.
In fact, over the past decade, the Rehnquist court has weakened or invalidated more than three dozen federal statutes. Almost a third of these decisions were based on the commerce clause and the Fourteenth Amendment. If you, Judge Roberts, subscribe the Rehnquist court’s restrictive interpretation of Congress’s ability to legislate, the impact could be enormous. It would severely restrict the ability of a Congress to tackle nationwide issues that the American people have actually elected us to address.
Or issues which the rest of the nation feel that you are moonbat crazy on, like gun control, Senator.
Now, as the only woman on this committee... (lots of stuff about how women have been abused, and that she is the only protector) ...
It actually wasn’t until 1839 that a woman could own property separate from her husband, when Mississippi passed the Married Women’s Property Act.
No kidding? Mississippi? 166 YEARS AGO!
It wasn’t until the 19th century that women began working outside their homes in large numbers. Most often, women were employed as teachers or nurses, and in textile mills and garment shops.
Okay the 1800s.. What the hell is your point?
As women entered into the workforce, we had to fight our way into nontraditional fields: medicine, law, business, and yes, even politics.

The American Medical Association was founded in 1846. But it barred women for 69 years from membership, until 1915.
FEINSTEIN: The American Bar Association was founded in 1876, but it barred women and did not admit them until 1918. That’s 42 years later. And it wasn’t until 1920 when, after a very hard fight, women won the right to vote — not even 100 years ago.
Okay Senator, I give up, 87 years ago and 85 years ago. What the HELL does this have to do with John Roberts?
(she goes on to babble about women and abortion) ... "As a college student at Stanford, I watched the passing of the plate to collect money so a young woman could go to Tijuana for a back-alley abortion. I knew a young woman who killed herself because she was pregnant."

And I will be looking to understand your views on the constitutional provision for providing for the separation of church and state — once again, history.

For centuries, individuals have been persecuted for their religious beliefs.

During the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and even today, millions of innocent people have been killed or tortured because of their religion.

A week ago, I was walking up the Danube River in Budapest when I saw on the shore 60 pair of shoes covered in copper — women’s shoes, men’s shoes, small tiny children’s shoes. They lined the bank of the river.

My time is already up? May I just finish this one paragraph?


FEINSTEIN: During World War II, it turned out that Hungarian fascists and Nazi soldiers forced thousands of Jews, including men, women and children, to remove their shoes before shooting them and letting their bodies float down the Danube.

These shoes represent a powerful symbol of how religion has been used in catastrophic ways historically. The rest of my comments we’ll have to wait for.

Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.

SPECTER: Thank you very much, Senator Feinstein.
Okay, Senator, let's go on a little diatribe for Judge Roberts about the Holocaust and how "Hungarian fascists and Nazi" shot a bunch of people. I guess it happened, it happened a lot of other places, too.

What is the point?

John Roberts is 50 years old. He knows about history, too.

Are you insinuating that he is a Nazi?

Do you have to remind us that you are a Jew?

Do you think this "historical fact" is important to the committee process you are grandstanding in front of?

"These shoes represent a powerful symbol of how religion has been used in catastrophic ways historically." -- I have a few symbols about how the LACK of religion has been used historically, too, Senator. Communism killed 100 million people in the 20th century (actually in about 80 years). Sorry, no shoes to show for it, maybe some Cambodian skulls might help as a symbol...

Are you really this crazy Senator?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

You Might Be A Left-Wing Extremist Brainwashing Victim If...

- Edward Daley -

You Might Be A Left-Wing Extremist Brainwashing Victim If...

You believe that the U. S. Constitution prohibits the open recognition of God by our federal (or any state) government, and the exhibition of religious symbols on public grounds.

Or you believe that Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election.

Or you believe that most television and print news outlets in this country are politically neutral.

Or you believe that outlawing private gun ownership will reduce crime.

Or you believe that the U. S. Constitution is a "living, breathing" document, and that Supreme Court Justices have the right to redefine its text in order to make it compatible with what they interpret to be the current moral standards of society.

Or you believe that Charles Darwin's macro-evolution theory is a proven fact.

Or you believe that the U. S. should be a signatory to the Kyoto Treaty.

Or you believe that Michael Moore is patriotic.

Or you believe that requiring children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school violates their "civil rights".

Or you believe that the United States of America is an imperialistic nation.

Or you believe that private clubs like the Boy Scouts of America should be forced to accept as members individuals who's lifestyles they disapprove of.

Or you believe that affirmative action programs are morally defensible.

Or you believe that illegal aliens have the same Constitutional rights as American citizens.

Or you believe that big oil companies make more money from the sale of gasoline than the federal and state governments do.

Or you believe that most American soldiers joined the military because they were either tricked into it, or they couldn't make a living in the civilian world.

Or you believe that taxpayer money should be used to fund "the arts".

Or you believe that the guarantor of your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the federal government.

Or you believe that unborn human beings are not really human beings simply because they require the impermanent sanctuary of their mothers' wombs, and therefore, abortion is not murder.

Or you believe that George W. Bush is more dangerous to the American way of life than Al-Qaeda.

Or you believe that Rush Limbaugh is an extremist, but that Al Franken isn't.

Or you believe that drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska will destroy the environment.

Or you believe that raising taxes on the "rich" will lead to economic prosperity for everyone else.

Or you believe that the invasion of Iraq by U. S.-led coalition forces violated "international law".

Or you believe that things like the education system, the healthcare system, and the social security system are best controlled by federal agencies, as opposed to private citizens.

Or you believe that spanking an unruly child equates to abuse.

Or you believe that Hillary Clinton was genuinely shocked when Bill finally admitted to the American people that he'd had an "inappropriate" relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

And if, by chance, you believe all of the above propositions to be true, then you have DEFINITELY been brainwashed by leftists extremists, and my heart goes out to your family and friends as they mourn the loss of your sanity.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Retired New Orleans Police Captain

Letter to the editior of worldnetdaily Emphasis added.

"I am a retired New Orleans police captain. I now live in another state, and I hurt for the citizens of New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. However, the situation that now exists in New Orleans was predictable. We are now reaping the benefits of a welfare state.

For more years than most can remember, we have been told by those holding office that they will take care of us. We have provided food, clothing and shelter to the extent that the recipients became entirely dependent on government resources to live. They have reached the point that no longer do they have the knowledge to take care of themselves. They will sit there and drown or go hungry, and curse the fact that the government has not gotten them out of this mess.

When it is all said and done, there is but one person who is responsible for me, and that is me. The responsibility falls to me to take care of my family, not the government. Society, not government, has an obligation to provide care and sustenance to those who, because of age or physical impairment cannot take care of themselves, but able-bodied people who stand around and complain that no one is doing anything for them deserve whatever the fates cast in their direction. Life is hard, and you either get tougher or you get washed away it is as simple as that.

Politicians will never, ever take care of you ... they only want one thing from you, and that is to stay in power as long as they can. In a situation like Katrina, they will stand in front of the cameras and microphones and denigrate everyone above them in government to take the eye off of their pathetic efforts.

This is a situation that they have created, , and now the good citizens of the area will have to step in and clean up the mess that has been created by the politicians. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen – there are too many good people who live in that area for it not to happen. I love the people of New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, but I despise the politicians – there are a few good ones there, but most of them are not worth the powder it would take to send them to the moon.

I just hope that when the area is rebuilt, they stay away from the massive welfare system they had before – absolutely no good comes from welfare. It depletes available resources, making it ever more difficult for what passes as government to respond to the true needs of the community: roads, bridges, levees, and police and fire protection, sanitation and drinking water.

Robert E. Johnson"
Heck of a letter Captain. I hope some of your thoughts get through.

Friday, September 09, 2005

How many do guns defend?

By Larry Elder -- The Washington Times Published September 5, 2005, with Mongo's emphasis added:

"Joyce Cordoba, 46, stood behind the deli counter while working at a Wal-Mart in Albuquerque, N.M. Suddenly, her ex-husband -- against whom Mrs. Cordoba had a restraining order -- showed up, jumped over the deli counter, and began stabbing her. Due Moore, a 72-year-old Wal-Mart customer, witnessed the violent attack. Mr. Moore, legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon, pulled out his gun and shot and killed the former husband. Mrs. Cordoba survived the brutal attack and is recovering from her wounds.

This raises a question. How often do Americans use guns for defensive purposes? In 2003, we know 12,548 people died through nonsuicide gun violence, including homicides, accidents and cases of undetermined intent.

University of California-Los Angeles professor emeritus James Q. Wilson, a respected expert on crime, police practices and guns, says: 'We know from Census Bureau surveys that something beyond a 100,000 uses of guns for self-defense occur every year. We know from smaller surveys of a commercial nature that the number may be as high 2.5 million or 3 million.

We don't know what the right number is, but whatever the right number is, it's not a trivial number.' ...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Global warming causes soil to release carbon -study

"LONDON (Reuters) interesting news release which points out --

" Global warming is causing soil to release huge amounts of carbon, making efforts to fight global warming tougher than previously thought, scientists said on Wednesday.
What proves it was global warming that released the carbon?

How much was released prior to the current invented crisis du jour?

Does "tougher" mean "we need more money to find out frightening facts which don't relate to anything, except, us getting more money?"

...The team from Britain's National Soil Resources Institute at Cranfield University said its results implied a similar process would be under way in other temperate areas across the globe.

'Our findings suggest the soil part of the equation is scarier than we had thought,' Professor Guy Kirk, of Cranfield University, told journalists at a science conference in Dublin. 'The consequence is that there is more urgency about doing something.'

Since the carbon appeared to be released from soil regardless of how the soil was used, they concluded that the main cause must be climate change itself.

Though they could not say where all the missing carbon had gone, much of it may be entering the atmosphere as the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane, which scientists say has caused global warming.

First is "scarier" a scientific term, or is it meant to create concern?

Why is there "more urgency"? Looking to buy a new Mercedes, Professor?

Since the carbon released was "regardless of how the soil was used" is this the real doom statement? What facts are there? Is this backed up by studies of carbon releases 80 years ago? Could we study carbon released 80 years ago? If it is caused by climate change itself, is it a natural phenomena?

"which scientists say has caused global warming." -- how about the other scientist who believe global warming is a crock?


International efforts like the Kyoto protocol, which came into effect in February this year, have been aimed at stopping climate change by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by industry.

But those efforts don't take into account carbon trapped in soil, about 300 times the amount released each year by burning fossil fuels.

So what you are saying is Kyoto is a crock, and 300 times the greenhouse gasses that industry and human activity creates comes from nature? Can we stop talking about Kyoto now?

... In a separate article published alongside the paper in Nature, scientists from Germany's Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry said the carbon released from British soil wiped out the gains made by cutting its industrial emissions.

So this means we are doomed? Oh the horror...

Guess we can stop paying the scientists who study global warming and use the bucks for a hell of a party...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Neal Boortz has an interesting prognostication:

Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster, no matter how hard the media tries to make it look like a man-made, or Bush-made one. 9/11 was an attack on our country by a foreign force, not an intense low pressure area. But mark my words ... before one more week is over you will hear demands that the victims of Katrina get huge government payoffs just like the victims of 9/11

... and anyone who dares to disagree will be labeled a racist.
My emphasis. My bet is Neal is right, unfortunately.

Friday, September 02, 2005

U.S. Hurricane Strikes by Decade


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Of COURSE it's all Bush's Fault

From the Emperor at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler responding to the German government suggestion that George Bush not signing Kyoto caused Hurricane Katrina. Great quote from the Emperor:

It's not our fault that you socialist suckweasels couldn't run a lemonade stand without state subsidies for more than five minutes.

Ain't it the truth. Oh and Bobby Kennedy's little boy is reported to have said that Haley Barbour, the Republican Governor of Mississippi, caused Katrina by his opposition to Kyoto.

If this is true, I hope Governor Barbour gets on the state jet, flies to Massachusetts, and beats the living snot out of this poor excuse for a human being.

The Kennedy's should get back to bootlegging and figure out that we don't need a "royal family". Robert Jr., you are a POS! Just like your fat alcoholic uncle, Teddy.

Oh and by the way, this chart, U.S. Hurricane Strikes by Decade from NOAA shows that the global warming argument is complete and utter BS.