Monday, October 31, 2005

CBS News shows their bias once more ...

As reported by DRUDGE

"CBSNEWS Chief White House correspondent John Roberts described the President's selection of Judge Samuel Alito as "sloppy seconds" during today's press gaggle with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan.

John Roberts: "So, Scott, you said that -- or the President said, repeatedly, that Harriet Miers was the best person for the job. So does that mean that Alito is sloppy seconds, or what?"

Scott McClellan: "Not at all, John."

CBS News' White House Press Pass should be PERMANENTLY PULLED TODAY.....

Enough is Enough - Edward Daley

"If I had my way, the next nominee fight would be the biggest knock-down, drag-out, mother-insulting brawl in Senate history, resulting in a Scalia-type judge declaring victory with only 51 percent support. Enough of this can't-we-all-just-get-along nonsense. Clearly the answer is NO, WE CAN'T ALL JUST GET ALONG, so stop pretending that we can, Mr. President, and do what your constituents elected you to do! " Mens news daily Mongo sez +1

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wife's been threatened?

"Here comes the Spin from CBS -- Communist BS "Joe Wilson, whose wife's unmasking as a CIA agent is at the center of the special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation, said today that that his wife, Valerie Plame, has been threatened. Wilson talks to Ed Bradley in his first interview since Fitzgerald announced the indictment of I. Lewis Libby. It will be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday Oct. 30 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

'There have been specific threats [against Plame]. Beyond that I just can't go, Wilson tells Bradley. Wilson says he and his wife have discussed security for her with 'several agencies'.

This case has been going on for months and months. Now this guy Wilson is saying his wife has been threatened. Why isn't 60 minutes interviewing the wife? Crock of crap that is why

Friday, October 28, 2005

John Longenecker: Malicious Compassion: I Wish I'd Said That.

I can wrap my arms around this phrase, also...

I heard it this morning, and it fits perfectly the mindset, motivation, goals and feel-good neurotic outlet of anger – all disguised as compassion.

Make no mistake, it is not. The jig is up, Left. You're not fooling anybody. And you haven't for a long time. You're fooling yourselves a great deal, though, if you think you're compassionate.
every once in a while you get a Great Phrase or description thrown at you, and you have to grab onto it. This is one. Lets see...

Malicious Compassion

It sure fits a lot of Lefty programs. Welfare, AFDC, the UN, and on and on...

My definition is "compassion given so YOU can feel good, not so the person you are focusing on can better themselves or solve their problem" Maybe it should be called "hubris compassion".

Oh, and when it applies to a politician who is buying votes by their supposed compassion I would call it "corrupt compassion".

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Quote of the Day

"The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose." -- James Earl Jones.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (Them Mothers Is A Mess)

Fred Reed, a favorite curmudgeon and Mongo's empahsis

Let’s think about this. After one drink you “are not a hundred percent.” Heather believes that we must keep people from driving who are “not one hundred percent.” OK. I’ll buy it. Let’s get impaired people off the road.

Going to the web site of The Women’s Health Channel, I find the following listed as symptoms of PMS:

"• Mood-related ("affective") symptoms: depression, sadness, anxiety, anger, irritability, frequent and severe mood swings.

• Mental process ("cognitive") symptoms: decreased concentration, indecision."

Does that sound like one hundred percent to you? I figure it’s a pretty good description of an unstable borderline psychotic.

Oh good. I want to drive on the roads with someone who doesn’t pay attention, couldn’t decide what to do it she did, and wants to kill something.

Me, probably.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Neal Boortz on looting
My sources are telling me that it is believed that some gang members have traveled across the state from Miami to Naples and are waiting there with friends for the passage of Hurricane Wilma.

Why are they so interested in Hurricane Wilma?

Because with many of the residents and business owners gone, and with the chaos that would surely follow a major hit from Wilma, the opportunities for looting will be very tempting. Two years ago Collier County (Naples) Florida was listed as the highest per-capital net wealth county in the nation. There are beachfront homes there that range from 10 million up. The median price for a home in the Naples area is over $500,000. Homes like these will hold many treasures for looters. It's a whole different game when compared to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. I can see the plan now. Break in while chaos reigns. Stash your loot in your friend's crib in Naples. Recover the stolen goods later when the heat is off.

There are few things lower in life than the scum that would rip off others during an emergency such as a major hurricane. There is a cure, though. It's a new procedure called STB. For those of you who are just a wee-bit slow, that would stand for "Shoot the Bastards" ... and no, I'm not kidding. If the police, business owners or homeowners shoot just a few of these worthless footstools we'll see a huge drop in looting, and the police will be free to spend their time actually saving lives and helping people instead of warding off gangs of thieving thugs.

Would an open, announced policy of STB really help?
Yep, should slow the Bastards down a bit...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Neal Boortz -- SAVE THE RICH

Well Neal, now you have done it.
This little controversy that is brewing over my remarks last week has been quite instructive, if not entertaining.

As you know, I opined that in a time of disaster it would make sense to try to save those members of society who actually actually contribute to the economy, rather than drain it. Save the makers first, the takers later. Look at it this way.

If you save the takers, and let the makers expire ... just who are the takers going to take from?
good question

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Saddam on Trial

Neal Boortz's take

Now to those of you sitting on the fence about the war in Iraq...ask yourself this. Had George Bush not ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Saddam Hussein would still be in power in Baghdad. The UN sanctions probably would have been lifted by now, since Saddam was doing a pretty thorough job bribing the rest of the UN Security Council. He would still be terrorizing the people of Iraq, and yes, he would still be pursuing weapons of mass destruction.
the Oil for Food Scandal at the UN (which is widely ignored by the Socialist Mainstream Media) would not have been discovered.

a lot of the terrorists who, according to the SMSM have "streamed" (pick a verb) into Iraq, and who are now DEAD, would possibly be alive and looking to get into the US.

it's also a good bet that old Saddam and his two bastard sons would have gotten their hands on to WMD's (if they didn't in 2001 before they shipped them to Syria). They would have given or sold them to the highest bidder IMO.

He would then be looking for buyers for his WMD. One of the first customers would be Al-Qaeda. But Saddam was stopped. Overthrown from power, he was then yanked out of his rat hole almost 2 years ago and thrown in jail. Now he's on trial.

Despite what Democrats and the media in this country say, the majority of Iraqis are glad Saddam is gone. They will be watching this trial with great interest. And all of it is made possible by the United States of America and President George W. Bush.
And yes, libtards, we have lost men and women to do this thing. Believe it or not, Mongo does not like to see our troops under arms being shot at by bad guys. Mongo also had a few doubts of the wisdom used in attacking Iraq. Mongo is now convinced that it was the best thing we could have done.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rush Limbaugh on "Activist" Judges

Rush Limbaugh

"The court has conferred due process rights on terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay and benefits on illegal immigrants. It has ruled that animated cyberspace child pornography is protected speech, but certain broadcast ads aired before elections are illegal; it has held that the Ten Commandments can't be displayed in a public building, but they can be displayed outside a public building; and the court has invented rationales to skirt the Constitution, such as using foreign law to strike down juvenile death penalty statutes in over a dozen states.

For decades conservatives have considered judicial abuse a direct threat to our Constitution and our form of government. The framers didn't create a judicial oligarchy. They created a representative republic. Our opposition to judicial activism runs deep. We've witnessed too many occasions where Republican presidents have nominated the wrong candidates to the court, and we want more assurances this time--some proof. The left, on the other hand, sees the courts as the only way to advance their big-government agenda. They can't win national elections if they're open about their agenda. So, they seek to impose their policies by judicial fiat. It's time to call them on it. And that's what many of us had hoped and expected when the president made his nomination. "
Emphasis Mongo's. As someone who has been SCREWED OVER by a liberal activist judge who ignored the law, and then effectively blocked her decision being appealed, I agree. By the way Liberals, what happens to YOU when the courts are meaningless due to your activism? Food for thought.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


STLtoday - Sports - CardinalsJoe Strauss says it the best way...
"Down to their last strike, their last chance, their final prayer, the Cardinals were rescued Monday night by a 412-foot bolt that ricocheted off Minute Maid Park's left-field railroad trestle and breathed at least another two days' life into the condemned stadium awaiting their return."
All I can say is if you missed it, sux to be u! No one on, ninth inning two strikes, two outs ... then two on and Albert strokes the ball into the stratosphere.... Magic.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005

iowahawk: Rainforest Iowa: Right For America, Right For Puppies

iowahawk, one of Mongo's favorites with a pork barrel project for his state.

"As many of you know, my home state of Iowa has worked for years to promote the "Iowa Child Project" a grassroots effort to restore Iowa's depleted rainforests, which were destroyed some 400 million years ago by unregulated brontosaurus development and careless asteroids.

The centerpiece of this critically needed environmental program is the Iowa Rainforest Project, a planned 85 acre glass-enclosed tropical bio-vegi-dome/ entertainment complex/ factory outlet mall slated for construction next to the I-80 Citgo Truck Haven in Coralville.

This important project has earned the rave reviews of environmentalists, public officials, media, and glass contractors across the Hawkeye State."

Read the whole report... and I'm not paying for any keyboards when you spit your coffee on them as you laugh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Records Show Miers Owned Gun

All righty then ... My kind of woman. No wussy .38s or 9mms a .45.

Cool. She's got my support. Tell you what, I'm not really excited about her, there were other choices who were, on the surface, more conservative. But I guess I'll have to trust the President's judgement.

I just hope she is not one of those elitist gun toters like Rosie O'Donnell and Michael Moore. I don't think so.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Islamist way or no way

The Australian: Mark Steyn

So even Muslims v (your team here) doesn't quite cover it. You don't have to have a team or even be aware that you belong to any side. You can be a hippie-dippy hey-man-I-love-everybody-whatever-your-bag-is-cool backpacking Dutch stoner, and they'll blow you up with as much enthusiasm as if you were Dick Cheney.

As a spokesman for the Islamic Army of Aden put it in 2002, explaining why they bombed a French oil tanker: "We would have preferred to hit a US frigate, but no problem because they are all infidels."
Hello? Hello? Does anybody out there realize that these folks really, really hate us?
In our time, even the most fascistic ideologies have been savvy enough to cover their darker impulses in sappy labels. The Soviet bloc was comprised of wall-to-wall "people's republics", which is the precise opposite of what they were: a stylistic audacity Orwell caught perfectly in 1984, with its Ministry of Truth (that is, official lies).

But the Islamists don't even bother going through the traditional rhetorical feints. They say what thsey mean and they mean what they say
Yep, they don't even cover up their evil intents. But the PC in the US do, since it wouldn't be embracing "diversity" to point out the evil in the Muslim world.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Don Farmer on Florida after the Brady Smears

"Welcome to our relatively safe state.

Enjoy our beaches and bars, our retailers and restaurants.
Get some sun, have some fun and spend a ton.

We're peaceful folks and intend to make sure you are too.
We love our kids and our seniors. Don't mess with them.
Or anybody else for that matter.

Beware muggers and molesters, rapists, robbers and road ragers, baby snatchers and carjackers --- take your black hearts elsewhere.

We're not all armed in Florida but some of us are and you don't want to find out the hard way." -- Got via Image from Oleg Volk at

Friday, October 07, 2005

Where are the Oil Spills???

As usual, I got a great observation from Neal Boortz
It's rather amazing, isn't it? Hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed well over 100 oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, and there hasn't been one leak that caused any gunk to wash up on any shoreline anywhere.
Yes, where are the treehuggers to wash off the terns? Over 100 platforms! You would expect the entire Gulf of Mexico to be awash in black ooze.

Perhaps the anecdote that comes to mind is real data. I met a fellow who was in the oil industry about two years after the dreaded Exxon Valdez incident. He impressed me as pretty expert about his business. He maintained that there were NO after-effects from that nasty spill. (other than a few dead seagulls and seals, not a good thing, but not tragic). Years later I checked him out with a bit of research. He was, as far as I could tell at that time, correct. No long term problem.

He made a good point to me in that conversation. Crude oil comes from nature, and, if released, will be reabsorbed by nature. California and Florida, grow up. The oil rigs off our favorite place, Dauphin Island, were beautiful in the morning, with their lights off in the distance, and hardly noticeable during the day.

Just a thought.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Town bans seed eaters


A Romanian town council has banned residents from eating pumpkin or sunflower seeds outside their homes.

The local council of Barlad, in Vaslui county, took the measure after road cleaners complained of "carpets of seed shells" on streets and alleyways
The Romanians seem to get in Ananova's "Quirkie" section quite a lot....

No I think our almond and pistachio industry should take note of this event, and see this new market opening up for their goods. Ah, commerce...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ONLY OFF BY 9036 or 91 percent...

Neal Boortz

The numbers are in, and the official death toll stands at 964. Furthermore, that's the death toll for the entire state of Louisiana, not just New Orleans. Looks like the Mayor was about 9,036 short in his prediction. Not that that's a bad thing. Fewer dead folks is definitely good.
Yes, one death is too many. 984 is a large number, but it isn't 10,000.

But the story here is the media. Will they call New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on the carpet and ask him why he was so wrong? Will there be accountability for those who exaggerated the Katrina disaster for political gain? Imagine if it had been a Republican that made the 10,000 dead prediction. It would be the top story on many could they have been so wrong?
Yep ole Ray gets a pass I bet. Can't expect him to may'r and ciph'r too, ya know. More lefties go free of criticism. Look at the photos above, they pretty well wrap it up..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

20% of Seniors Flunk High School Graduation Exam

Los Angeles Times Got a lead on this story from Neal Boortz.

The exit exam — which has come under criticism by some educators, legislators and civil rights advocates — is geared to an eighth-grade level in math and to ninth- and 10th-grade levels in English.
This is an examination given to High School Seniors. It would appear on the surface that the exam's purpose is to show that the young adults have at least learned SOMETHING during their twelve years of government indoctrination. At least something more than Politically Correct Socialist mind control. (BTW, why are "civil rights advocates" involved? When I see those words, the words "race pimp" come to mind)
But the report by the Virginia-based Human Resources Research Organization showed that tens of thousands of students, particularly those in special education and others who speak English as a second language, may fail the test by the end of their senior year despite remedial classes, after-school tutoring and other academic help.
Okay, these kids have been treated "special". They have been mollycoddled through the school system. (I know, I had two "special" kids.) Now they have to perform. Do you think their prospective employer has a "special" class of employees, who don't have to perform up to the standards of all? (Okay, forget female police tests and government jobs) I'm talking about private employers. The type of businesses which provide goods and services to our nation, not the leeches who pull value from society.
Teachers, according to the report, said that many students arrive unprepared and unmotivated for their high school courses and that their grades often reflect poor attendance and low parental involvement.
Yep, it is NEVER the fault of the TEACHER. They don't have any standards, do they? Oh, they will pass a dumbed down exam now and again. Don't get me wrong, I have known a LOT of good educators. The front line guys and gals are typically pretty good. It is the top heavy administration which should ALL be thrown out of work. (yeah we would throw out some good ones there, but let them reapply)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Florida tourists warned that locals could shoot them

"The Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence, based in Washington DC, has pledged to 'educate' tourists by placing adverts in US cities, and in key overseas markets such as Britain.

'Warning: Florida residents can use deadly force,' says one of the adverts. Another reads: 'Thinking about a Florida vacation? Please ensure your family is safe. In Florida, avoid disputes. Use special caution in arguing with motorists on Florida roads.'

The Brady Campaign - named after Jim Brady, the spokesman for Ronald Reagan who was paralysed by a gunshot during the 1981 assassination attempt on the then-president - promises to also run adverts in French, German and Japanese newspapers. The campaign officers also plan to hand out leaflets on roads leading into the state."
Dispicable. Florida should sue the s*** out of Brady for restraint of trade.