Monday, January 31, 2005

The French want in your wallet

Once again the Tranzis (TRANSNATIONAL SOCIALISTS or TRANSNATIONAL PROGRESSIVES) have reared their head.

Now AIDS is the problem of the developed nations. TO PRESERVE FREEDOM, KEEP AN EYE ON THESE NUTJOBS.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Freedom isn't Free, But Its WORTH IT

From via Instapundit.

Hey Democrats. Take a good long look at the faces of these men we have freed in Iraq. Compare their time at the polls where they could have been killed, with what you complain about... Four hour waits at the polls in Ohio, hanging chads in Florida. You should be ashamed.

Over 70 percent of Iraqi's voted. I guess they shamed us all with our poor turnouts.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Counting the Homeless -- More Tragedy GIVE MONEY

STLtoday - News - St. Louis City / County
Richard LaPlume and Diane Maguire made their way in the dark, searching for an opening in the thick bramble that lined the railroad tracks between Value Village and the Dierbergs Town Center in Shrewsbury.

A hundred or so yards from the back alley of the grocery store, LaPlume's flashlight ran across a small opening in the brush, illuminating a collection of old, plastic lawn furniture arranged around a small fire pit. "You can tell someone's been staying here," LaPlume said, pointing to the discarded beer and tuna cans littering the area. "Wonder where they are now?"
Okay, what did the lawn furniture prove? Could this be a place where neighborhood teens hide to drink beer, smoke, and talk?
All across St. Louis County, just out of view from the Starbucks and Krispy Kremes, are similar campsites - temporary homes for those who live on the streets.
What?? While we're having lattes and donuts? Where are the locations? The homeless only congregate by Starbucks and Krispy Kremes? Wow, should make it easy to find them.

The people who frequent such places are rarely listed on the rolls of the county's homeless shelters. So on Wednesday night, Community Alternatives Inc., a local nonprofit organization, conducted the county's first ever one-night street count of the homeless.
Why aren't they listed? Haven't they ever been to a shelter? Haven't they ever been arrested?

Fifty volunteers and staffers, including LaPlume and Maguire, formed 15 teams. Each was assigned a section of the county to scour. LaPlume and Maguire searched parts of southwest St. Louis County.

It was a long night, beginning around 8 p.m. and ending a little before midnight. The temperature was just above freezing. And the results were, at times, frustrating.
In other words they didn't find anything or anyone...

Marilyn Robinson, director of St. Louis County's Department of Human Services, said her agency was waiting on numbers compiled by employees with the county parks system before releasing a total for the street count. She said those numbers should be ready by today. The city of St. Louis also conducted a street count Wednesday, the results of which will not be released until next week.

But according to Community Alternatives Executive Director Gary Morse, the total reached in the county Wednesday was much lower than the actual number of homeless in the area.

"If what you wanted to do was get a homeless count that was low, this was the way to do it," Morse said. "It was one night in the coldest month of the year. The true number is probably closer to five to 15 times as many as we counted."
Whoa Gary... 500 to 1500% higher? Makes grubbing for donations easier if the numbers are higher doesn't it?

Wednesday's count was a part of a nationwide push to resolve the problems of the homeless, inspired by President George W. Bush's announced goal of ending chronic homelessness by 2012.

St. Louis County is one of more than 170 counties and cities nationwide taking part in the count, most of them scheduled for the end of January.

County officials plan to use the information collected to help formulate a 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness.
Okay, the President wants a six year plan ("goal of ending chronic homelessness by 2012". Any Idea why the County wants a 10-year Plan? Maybe because the whole "homeless" issue is a crock?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will collect street count totals from across the country, adding them to existing shelter counts in an effort to get a clear picture of the country's homeless population. According to the latest HUD numbers, there are roughly 700,000 homeless people across the country on any given night and more than 3 million over the course of a year.

HUD officials said their numbers were out of date and not terribly accurate, which is why the agency has tied future grant funding to the completion of single-night street counts every two years.
Well, here's the weenie of this story -- "tied future grant funding to the completion of single-night street counts". Oh oh. Now local officials are forced to be ACCOUNTABLE to get FEDERAL FUNDS. I hope the Feds audit the counts carefully. If they find "inconsistencies" the people who cause them should be put in irons. By the way, if this story describes an OFFICIAL street count, why is the county using volunteers who are not accountable to anything, other than inflating the problem so they feel good, or get more funding.

"In order to build a strategy to take on such a big problem, you've got to know the problem," said Brian Sullivan, HUD spokesman. "This count will, in the end, answer some fundamental questions about homelessness."

But according to Morse, by forcing agencies to do the count in just one day, HUD is severely limiting their ability to be thorough. Homeless people are always on the move, sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity.
Yep it is going to answer some fundamental questions... Like how big is this problem, really? The second paragraph is raising my BS meter to high levels? I can understand that you may not have the manpower, but the homeless moving in one day? How many would be on the move? Will they be invisible as they move? Can we paint them a distinguishing color so we don't double count them as they move?

It's illegal to be homeless in St. Louis County. Once a homeless person has been spotted, he or she usually has to find somewhere new to sleep for the night.

St. Louis County's last street count, which found 366 homeless people outside the shelter system, was conducted in 2002 and used a variety of methods over a longer period of time to arrive at a total.

Morse said a similar approach this time would have yielded more accurate totals.
Okay, a variety of methods, over a longer period of time. What methods, and how long a period, and who conducted the counts?

After 3 1/2 hours of searching Wednesday night, after climbing into creek beds and checking every highway underpass, Maguire and LaPlume had found the telltale signs of homelessness a dozen times over. They had found, however, only one homeless person: Hiram Short III, 45, a San Francisco native who has been living on the streets in the county for nearly a year.

Maguire and LaPlume encountered Short at the Steak 'n Shake at Interstate 44 and Highway 141.

On cold nights, Short is allowed to sleep inside the all-night eatery, a courtesy that has probably kept him alive more than once this winter.

Maguire and Plume listened as Short told them of his circumstances. They gave him a package that contained gloves and socks and clean underwear. Then they took down his information and started back to Community Alternatives headquarters, a little disappointed.

"I know there are a lot more like Hiram out there," Maguire said. "We just couldn't find them tonight."
Damn, these folks are quick. They checked "every highway underpass" from Shrewsbury to Fenton in 3 1/2 hours. Bull.... Bull.... Bull..... (for my readers outside the St. Louis Area, or unfamiliar, I'll estimate the mileage between Fenton and Shrewsbury to be about 5 miles. These two covered 25 square miles in 3 1/2 hours. Wow!) By the way, give ole Hiram a bus ticket to Frisco, they love bums there. (But if you have a dog, the city will inspect your dog house and fine you if it is substandard). Also BTW, does the owner of the Steak N' Shake know that he is running a homeless shelter?

Reporter Clay Barbour
Phone: 314-727-6234

Let's let Clay know how good a propaganda job he's done.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Social Security Crisis Averted

Hubris has the story. I love it!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Should we save jobs?

Walter E. Williams
We could probably think of hundreds of jobs that either don't exist or exist in far fewer numbers than in the past -- jobs such as elevator operator, TV repairman and coal deliveryman. "Creative destruction" is a discovery process where we find ways to produce goods and services more cheaply. That in turn makes us all richer.


That same principle applies when it's outsourcing serving as the engine for creative destruction. Daniel W. Drezner, assistant professor of political science at the University of Chicago, discusses outsourcing in "The Outsourcing Bogeyman" (Foreign Affairs, May/June 2004). Professor Drezner reports that for every dollar spent on outsourcing to India, the United States reaps between $1.12 and $1.14 in benefits. Why? U.S. firms save money and become more profitable, benefiting shareholders and increasing returns on investment. In the process, U.S. workers are reallocated to more competitive, mostly better-paying jobs.

Drezner also points out that large software companies such as Microsoft and Oracle have increased outsourcing and used the savings for investment and larger domestic payrolls. Nationally, 70,000 computer programmers lost their jobs between 1999 and 2003, but more than 115,000 computer software engineers found higher-paying jobs during that same period. By the way, when outsourcing doesn't work, companies backtrack, as have Dell and Lehman Brothers, which have moved some of their call centers back to the United States from India because of customer complaints.

Dr. Williams on the outsourcing question. Close to me because my brother outlaw (I'm engaged, not married) couldn't find an IT job, and said he was voting for the Frenchman because of it. He has started a new career and is doing well, but it is always traumatic to change careers (I've done it four times). BTW, I for one don't like to be calling Bombay to fix a computer problem, but if I have a problem, I want it fixed, and I could give a flying whatever if I'm speaking to Roger or Rajib.

"Outsourcing" will always be with us. I had a dear friend who died several years ago. Tom was a staunch Democrat, a UAW member, and a Union guy. He made a statement one day that "I'll never buy anyting not made in the USA". To show him the folly of that statement, I simply asked him what time it was on his wristwatch. He gave me the time, then I told him to look at the watch. Of course it was a Seiko or Citizen. Japanese made. He wasn't happy, but he was always willing to laugh at himself.

I'm sending this post to another Tom (my brother outlaw) so he can slam me in the comments. Tom, another story. My first two cars were a Sunbeam Alpine (British POS) and a Volvo (Swedish good car). I finally, after taking years of ribbing from some of my friends, bought an American Car. An Oldsmobile Cutlass. About I year later I was polishing it, and found that it was made in Canada. Oh well.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Spread of Freedom

OpinionJournal - Extra JOSHUA MURAVCHIK :
"To begin with, the idealists are right about the possibility for freedom and democracy to spread across borders and cultures. In 1775 there were no democracies. Then came the American Revolution and raised the number to one. Some 230 years later there are 117, accounting for 61% of the world's governments."

This is a fact to pause and consider. Whenever you hear one of the "hate America Firsters" think about this... We have the longest standing government in the world. Whenever you hear a politician you despise (for me it was Ted Kennedy, again, yesterday) and you curse their name, give some thanks that you have the freedom to curse them.

If you were in pre-liberated Iraq and said something against the administration, you probably would end up being shredded, literally.

Our grand experiment continues. God Bless America.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Nanny, the Harvard President and Maureen Dowd

Tom Purcell -�

Maureen, Maureen, Maureen, men aren’t avoiding highly accomplished women. We’re avoiding highly accomplished women like you.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Johnny Carson's Passing

STLtoday - Entertainment - TV & Radio
Mr. Carson was often called the ``king of late night,'' and he wielded an almost regal power. Beyond his enormous impact on popular culture, Mr. Carson more than any other individual shifted the nexus of power in television from New York to Los Angeles, with his decision in 1972 to move his show from its base in Rockefeller Center in New York to NBC's West Coast studios in Burbank, Calif. That same move was critical in the changeover of much of television from live to taped performances.

Over the three decades, Mr. Carson impaled the foibles of seven presidents and their aides, as well as the doings of assorted nabobs and stuffed shirts from the private sector: corporate footpads and secret polluters, tax evaders, preening lawyers, idiosyncratic doctors, oily accountants, defendants who got off too easily and celebrities who talked too much.

Johnny was, more than anything, us. At my home my parents and I never missed Johnny each night, and after I left and got married, neither did I. As I got older I watched him less and less, but I never tired of him. He was an extremely classy entertainer. I don't remember him ever making a political statement, or "saving" the children, the whales, the people from war, etc. Maybe he did, but I didn't catch it.

We probably only deserve one Johnny in a generation, I got mine, I hope the kids will get theirs. Unfortunately, with the myriad choices of entertainment available today, I doubt it will happen.

Friday, January 21, 2005

MoonBat Math

KelliPundit: MoonBat Math

Reason #4556549887 to keep moonbat liberals OUT of the educational system. Read and see how they destroyed math scores for one small town with one itsy, bitsy little policy change. Where, you ask? Why Massachusetts of course.

Typical cowardly government school administration. Let's not hold ourselves to any standards. As long as we are politically correct, we're okay. I pity these kids when they get into the Real World and deal with Real Expectations. They will be totally unprepared, but the school adminstrators will still feel good.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Who's calling Bush an idiot now?

London Times Online - Comment:
"He still has plenty of proposals for domestic policy left in him. These range from making permanent tax cuts that were passed in his opening term and the partial privatisation of American pensions to his ambition to curtail the outrageous costs of the US legal system. His new Cabinet members are not noticeably weaker than his previous colleagues. His party runs each branch of Congress and, thanks to the November election results, with greater majorities. For the first time since 1937 a re-elected president who has been in Washington for four years starts again with congressional enhancement, not erosion"

It is going to be a very interesting four years.... I was looking at some of the festivities, and listening to the President speak last night. This guy may end up with a better legacy than Reagan if he gets what he wants. God bless you Mr. President and God Speed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Teddy Notes Nealz Nuze

We heard from that tired old Social Democrat Ted Kennedy again yesterday. Ted Kennedy. The man who never had to struggle to pay a bill in his entire life. The man who has never held an actual job. The man who wandered up and down a deserted seaside road worrying about his political career while a young woman (his girlfriend?) suffocated in the back seat of a car in just over four feet of water. Yeah ... that Ted Kennedy. Well .. there he was yesterday engaging in his usual hyper-leftist over-the-top liberalism. Mr. Cradle-to-Grave government care. Mr. Womb-to-Tomb health care. The man who thinks that America is great because of its government.

Kennedy was telling us (again) yesterday that Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam. In making that statement there is not one bit of doubt in my mind that Ted Kennedy gave virtual aid and comfort to Islamic insurgents in Iraq and to Islamofascist terrorists around the world. There is no doubt in my mind that Kennedy's statement yesterday so encouraged and emboldened the insurgency in Iraq that American servicemen will die as a result. Ted Kennedy doesn't seem to be satisfied with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, he wants more .. or so it seems. If Ted Kennedy cut a notch in his bed for every death of an American serviceman or woman at the hands of an Iraqi insurgent encouraged by his remarks, and by leftist opposition to the liberation of the people of Iraq, he would be sleeping in sawdust.


Why would the Democrats KEEP RUNNING THIS FAT PIECE OF SHIT IN FRONT OF US? Everywhere I turn around I SEE FAT TEDDY. Is he really that big a draw to the Democratic faithful? If so, I feel immense sorrow for them. The only attribute this fat tub of shit has is his LAST NAME. Get over it. John died in 1963, Bobby was a power mad idiot (whose actions probably got John killed by the Mafia/CIA). Then there is little Teddy... the Fredo of the Kennedy Clan. The boozer, the "hero" of Chappaquidick, the blathering fat slob the Dems run out as their pit bull. What a piece of true human refuse he is...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The UN: Bringing Lingonberries to a Needy World

In this selfish world which so often seems dominated by various stingy undertaxed global military hyperpowers, I am proud to say that the United Nations still adheres to the simple, elegant wisdom of my snowy Fnærkjbørgěner townfolk: where ever and whenever tragedy strikes, the world can count on the UN to bring the lingonberries of hope.

If you haven't bookmarked Iowahawk, do it now.... Check him out

Monday, January 17, 2005

Yes, Ms. Dowd: Feminism Really Was A Cruel Hoax

Eva Ellsworth -
"Ms. Dowd refers to two studies. One suggests that men would rather marry their subordinates than their supervisors. (Note: The study said 'subordinates or equals', but that doesn't support Dowd's point.) The other study states that the higher a woman's I.Q. is, the lower her marriage prospects are. Ms. Dowd's implied attitude that she is incredibly smart and successful may be one reason some accomplished women aren't finding mates. Conceited people just aren't lovable."

On the money. When I read Dowd's column last week, I was kind of disappointed because she always makes me angry. Her column shows what a pathetic life this liberal shrew really has. Too bad Mo...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

MSM Requiem

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan:
"The MSM rose because it had a monopoly on information. The networks, newspapers and magazines were a Liberal Monolith. In one of his 'Making of the President' books the liberal but ingenuous Teddy White famously said of 57th Street in Manhattan that when he stood there he was within a stone's throw of all the offices in which all of American media was busily churning out its vision of The News. Churning it out were a relatively small group of a few hundred liberals who worked and mostly lived on an island off the continent; they told that continent not only what it should be thinking about but how it should be thinking of it. (I think the New York Times unconsciously echoes this old assumption in their television commercials in which an earnest, graying, upscale dunderhead says the New York Times surrounds a story and gives him new ways to think about it. Doesn't it just?)"

Thank goodness the SMSM is finally being challenged. I feel like I'm watching the X-Files -- "The Truth is Out There". It is out here. It's on the web.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Post-Saddam Boom

OpinionJournal - Featured Article:
"The Paris Club (consisting of sovereign creditors from Russia, the U.S., Western Europe and Japan) has already agreed to an 80% write-down of nearly $40 billion of debt. Another $50 billion was lent by members of the Gulf Cooperation Council comprised of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Oman and Bahrain. The two largest creditors, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, have signaled that they will enter debt restructuring negotiations in the near future, the UAE and Qatar announced they plan to forgive the bulk of $7 billion owed their countries. In all likelihood, $80 billion to $90 billion of Iraq's total debt will eventually be forgiven. This good news is already being reflected in these markets."

I believe that the debt forgiveness will help Iraq become a power in the Middle East again. This time, however Iraq will be a democratic, capitalist power. Hopefully the trend spreads...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bill Bennett on the new media

RealClear Politics - Commentary:
"People now get their news and opinion on the Internet and relay it to talk radio. They then think about it, research it further, and discuss it on the Internet, in email, and in the national conversations that take place on shows like mine all the time,shows that cannot simply be marginalized as 'right wing radio', because they are not 'right wing'. Some are, in part, national dialogues. Yes there is right wing radio, and yes there is left wing radio but there is radio of another sort too, and too few elites have the first clue about what it is or what is happening there. "

"After the election, many statistics emerged. Perhaps the most interesting do not have to do with the mere shifts in the Catholic, Jewish, Black, or Hispanic votes. But, rather, why those shifts took place. Those shifts took place in part because of these statistics from the Pew Research Center: 41% voters say they got at least some of their news about the 2004 election online. Further, 21% relied on the Internet for most of their election news, nearly double the number in 2000. Yes, people cared about something more than job losses (as Ohio, which may have lost more jobs than any other state in the last four years, proved) but the information about the context of the job losses, as well as the something more, came from places other than the mainstream media."

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Injudicious Battles

National Review Online (
But consider the source of these attacks.

These are the same groups who claim that your civil rights are being violated whenever a public-school teacher recites the Pledge of Allegiance, a county clerk issues a wedding license only to the union of one man and one woman, or a soldier allows a Boy Scout troop onto a military base.

These are the same groups that seek judges who will ignore the three-strikes-and-you're-out law when sentencing convicted criminals, invalidate consensus laws like the partial-birth-abortion ban, and block school-choice programs designed to expand educational opportunities to minority communities.

"If we can't get our whacko liberal moonbat laws passed through elected legislatures, we'll get them put in place by judges we appoint with lifetime tenure." (not a quote, but I'll bet I just paraphrased some Demogog Libtoon in a closed door meeting).

BTW, if you like to be controlled by Unelected Judges and Mediators, take a look at the UNelected UN...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Ukraine Election Reverberates Throughout the World

Chris Adamo-�
The only means by which liberals could ever hope to resume a dominant role in American politics would be to honestly promote their ideas in a manner that might persuade the population at large. But big government socialism and its corollary, societal decay, simply won’t resonate with an America that cherishes its traditional heritage of liberty, individuality, and morality.

Recent attempts by the left to assume the moral “high ground” in response to the devastation in the Indian Ocean, while generating much anger and resentment, are neither persuading the American people of liberalism’s inherent superiority nor convincing them of the righteous benevolence of liberalism’s supreme shrine, the United Nations.

Well said. The Socialists/Communists are like the Wizard of Oz. "Don't look behind the curtain..."

Crime and Guns --The San Francisco or Sam Colt Solution

Michael Nevin, Jr. - "Lawmakers should heed Machiavelli's warning, "When you disarm them, you begin to offend them; you show that you distrust them either for cowardice or for lack of faith, both of which opinions generate hatred against you." We live in a world where violent, brutal people threaten our livelihood. I wouldn't recommend bringing a knife to a gunfight. As the old saying goes -- "God made men, but Sam Colt made men equal."

A great article from a 3rd generation police officer in the San Francisco Bay area.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Diplomad on the Tsunami and the UNeffective

The Diplomad:
"Yes, I decided, the UNocrats are great hideous vultures, roused from their caves in the European Alps and in the cement canyons and peaks of Manhattan by the stench of death in the Turd World. They leisurely take flight toward the smell of death; circle, and then swoop down, screeching UNintelligble nonsense. They arrive and immediately force others, e.g., the American tax payer, to build them new exclusive nests in the midst of poverty, and make themselves fat on the flesh of the dead. My friends, allow The Diplomad to present to you The High Priest Vulture Elite (HPVE)."

Do yourself a favor. Bookmark Diplomad.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Rather Biased

Power Line:
"The fundamental question here is whether CBS was the victim of a hoax, or the perpetrator of a hoax. It has been our view for a long time that Rather and his colleagues were perpetrators, not victims, in part because the documents were such obvious fakes that it strains credulity to suppose that they were actually fooled. When you read the Thornburgy/Boccardi report, keep that question constantly in mind: victim, or perpetrator?"

Yeah Dan, they are going to lay a smoke screen for you, so you can row your boat to the other side of the river without getting too shot up.

Here is my farewell to you, you lying socialist creep.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Tort Reform notes from a past attorney -- which make sense. Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze: "THE REAL PROBLEM HERE IS JURIES"

I hate attorneys, I hate courts, I hate judges, I hate increasing rates on insurance due to lining the pockets of scum sucking, non productive lawyers.

There has to be some controls on the players in this game. Neil Boortz has written well on this subject.

One of the solutions that is mentioned is a "you play, you pay" clause. If you file the suit, and lose, you pay the other side's attorney fees and court costs. Sounds reasonable. I'd make the bottom suckers post a bond as suit is filed, as well.

This has to be fixed. Are there bad, incompetent doctors? Sure. Are there greedy insurance companies? Sure. But ask yourself one question. What have lawyers EVER contributed to our society? And.... Even if you can come up with one or two things (which I cannot) balance that with the amount of EARNED WEALTH they have sucked out of society.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

POW'S, Torture, and Terrorists

OpinionJournal - Featured Article: "The dispute here stems from the Bush Administration's decision, in early 2002, that Taliban and al Qaeda detainees didn't automatically qualify for prisoner of war status. This caused a fuss in some quarters. But it was in accord with the plain language of the original Geneva Conventions, which require POWs to have met certain criteria such as fighting in uniform and not attacking civilians. The Administration understood what critics don't want to admit--namely, that POWs may not be interrogated, period. The Geneva Conventions forbid even positive reinforcement such as better rations to coax them to talk.

This interpretation of the Geneva rules was hardly novel to the Bush Administration. It was a bipartisan consensus in 1987 when Ronald Reagan repudiated a radical document called Protocol 1--the so-called 'international law' that the International Committee of the Red Cross now says requires POW status for al Qaeda. The New York Times praised the Gipper at the time for denying 'a shield for terrorists,' and the Washington Post also editorialized in support."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Better Mousetrap than the UN?

The PSI Model /A Better Mouse Trap - Geoff Metcalf -
The UN is a dysfunctional gaggle of anti-American pampered bureaucrats who have routinely and chronically mucked up any and all projects over which they assume control.

Yeah, it IS another effort to undermine the UN… kinda like the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) which accomplished more to stem the tide of nuclear weapons proliferation in six to nine months than the UN has in half a century. “Building up”(which translates to throwing money at the UN) is like feeding crack cocaine to the NBA.

Emphasis mine. It is so cool what I'm seeing. Here's my thoughts. I was very disappointed in President Bush when he didn't take the opportunity to trash Kofi Annan. Why not? Annan actively opposed Bush's presidential run. There is talk that U.N. Nuclear Chief el (al?) Baredai worked up the "IRAQ WMD missing" scam a few weeks before the election to smear Bush. There is the "Oil for Food for Bribes" UN investigation (scandal?) ongoing. There is the pencil neck Norweigan Jan Egeland with the "stingy" comment.

Why not have the UN pack up and leave New York? Why don't we cut their funding? Why don't we jump up and down and scream and throw a fit when they ask our people, paid for by our money, to put on UN Blue to make them look good. Diplomad has a lot of stories about these UNgrateful socialist leeches.

Here's Mongo's Mutter on the UN. We are letting them swing in the breeze.

When there is something important to do (Iraq, Tsunami Aid), we ignore them. We know they are useless, but they keep the dictators and the socialists occupied while we and our allies do our work. The Transnational Socialists are putting a lot of hope in the UN, and all we have to do is leave the UN alone to continue to show its impotence. This is the major organization the Tranzi's have. Let them play with it. The alternative is that they form a new organization, or increase the power of another organization where we won't have the level of control we have now.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2004

Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

Yep, they are obnoxious. Check out what the "enlightened" and "educated" liberals have to say.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Pinkos Getting Nuttier

The American Spectator By Ralph R. Reiland :
"The final tally, the grand total of those killed in the Marxist-Leninist war of class genocide against private property, individuality, profit and the market, is variously estimated at between 80 million and 110 million, with as many as 65 million in China, 25 million in the former Soviet Union, 1.7 million in Cambodia, and on and on.

...with a grand total of millions of victims, one would suppose that the remaining true believers in the socialist camp might be a little shy or unsure in calling for yet another round of centralized planning and great leaps forward.

Such, however, is not the case, as evidenced by the call for grandiose state intrusion in the most private of matters in the November-December 2004 issue of the Internationalist Socialist Review. The crisis described in America is that of an escalating "class attack" by the bourgeoisie in which "more and more responsibility for children's welfare has been placed on individual families."

They never learn. Be aware and beware of these vermin.