Friday, December 31, 2004

Two Anthems for Felons taking advantage of San Francisco Gun Control

(Apologies to Scott McKenzie):

If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to take your Smith and Wesson there
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some unarmed people there

For those who come to San Francisco
All the time will be a cake walk there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with their hands up in the air

All across the nation such a strange vibration
Felons in motion

There's a degeneration with a new explanation
Felons in motion Felons in motion

Lets rape and pillage San Francisco
Who’s going to stop us, the cops? that would be rare…
If you come to San Francisco
Bring a Van for the swag that’s there.

If you come to San Francisco
Be sure to bring your Smith and Wesson there.

(Apologies to Tony Bennett)

The loveliness of Paris
seems somehow sadly gay

The glory that was Rome
is of another day

I've been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan
I'm going to roam, the city by the bay.
I’ll bring my gun to San Francisco
An easy touch, it calls to me.

To be where no one carries guns
And I’m the only one
Their upraised hands will fill the air
I’ll get my share!

My love waits there in San Francisco
I’ll rape all day, I know you see
When I come stick it to you, San Francisco,
A felon’s dream, you shine for me!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Boortz on the US Airways Unions Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze:
"don't you just love unions? Over the Christmas weekend some US Airways employees decided it would be a good idea for a little union fun and games. They called in 'sick' in huge numbers. The result was chaos as thousands of holiday travelers were separated from their luggage. Remember the first rule of airline unions. The airline must not be allowed to make a profit and the passengers don't count. These people have the typical union mentality. They think they're actually working for their union, not for the airline. Unions. gotta love 'em."

Yep Neal Nails It Again (emphasis mine in article). I grew up in a Union town, St. Louis, and have been around unions and union members my whole life. One of my best friends was extremely active in the UAW. He worked as management for 20 years and then went back to the assembly line after that.

Here is what I don't get, and you Union guys can tell me. One, in the quote above, I totally agree with the statement emphasized. The members many times believe they are working for the Union, not the Company. Why? Is the Union cutting your paycheck? I don't get it. Here is what I believe Unions have achieved in this Nation, and what they have caused.

Better Working Conditions in most industries

Labor Laws such as OSHA (which have made Unions almost obsolete)

A higher standard of living for workers.

Complete destruction of entire industries (textiles) due to wage demands.

Outsourcing to non-union employees or to other nations

Complete relocation of factories from heavily unionized areas (the North) to the South.

A breakdown in our government school education system to the point it is nearly unworkable.

Higher prices for goods, then complaints when lower cost producers obsolete the high priced goods and the Union workers end up unemployed.

The employment of feather bedding leeches (which I have seen in almost all the union shops I have visited). This raises costs, which can lead to higher prices... see above.

A stable (?) workforce.

Let me know where I'm wrong.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy'

U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy' over aid - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics

"It is beyond me why are we so stingy, really," the Norwegian-born U.N. official told reporters. "Christmastime should remind many Western countries at least, [of] how rich we have become."
"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy," he said, adding that politicians in the United States and Europe "believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

Yep, that's what the Norweigan, Jan Egeland, said about us. Google this, it's all over the Web. BTW it appears that Jan is trying to backtrack on his statement, even though the UN has a video of the news conference on its site... By the way, he says "we". Real inclusive. Norway has about 5 million people.. how much do you think they will pay?

This reminds me of an experiance I had about 20 years ago. I was in San Francisco on business, having a beer by myself in the Hyatt. I met a lady (in her 60's, I was in my 30's) from Bergen, Norway. A businesswoman. What I'll never forget is what she told me about Norway (and their socialist system). A person cannot OPEN a business until a government bureaucrat approves the business on the basis of its potential for success.

Think about it. Do you guess Bill Gates could have convinced someone at the Post Office (or whatever Government Office you can name) that Microsoft could fly?

My point is .... these socialist moonbats need to be escorted off our continent. Kofi and the whole bunch of dictators and molesters (check the web). We've heard enough from the feckless UN.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ben Stein and I Agree on Gratitude

The American Spectator

And I thought, "America, America, God shed His grace on thee." And then I thought of something else. None of this, absolutely none of it, would be there without the men and women of our armed forces. Every bit of what we have by virtue of being a free and prosperous nation, every ability to buy whatever book we want at Dutton's, every ability we have to come here from foreign lands and escape oppression, every speck of a chance we have to make it and become prosperous enough to have foot massages -- all of this is behind the shield of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, National Guard and Reserves.

Ben Stein on our nation's bounty, which only exists under the protection our our armed services. I had an interesting thought when I watched "A Few Good Men" over the holidays. Hollywood probably thought they were slamming the Marine Corps with the speech Jack Nicholson gives as Col. Nathan R. Jessep at the end of the movie. I suggest they wanted it to be a breakdown like Humphrey Bogart portrayed in "The Caine Mutiny". They missed.

Every time I hear the following ...

(from "Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have more responsibility here than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And that my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. I know deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you don't want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then question the manner in which I provide it. I prefer you said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand to post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to."

... it reminds me to give thanks for those who protect my sorry ass by being on the walls each day. God Bless America and her Armed Forces.

Monday, December 27, 2004

FDR is dead

Jonah Goldberg: FDR is dead:
"I have some advice for the real small-c conservatives and reactionaries in the debate over Social Security reform: Franklin Roosevelt is dead. Get over it. It seems every time I turn on the TV or the radio, I hear some opponent of reform whining that we're tinkering with FDR's 'legacy.' Who gives a rat's patoot?"

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you.

God bless all of you, Christians and Jews.

Muslims, you have some work to do before you can be included in my wishes.

Peace on Earth

Good Will towards Man.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Plays Of The Weak VI - Bob Parks -�

Plays Of The Weak VI - Bob Parks -
"There used to be a time where we all felt comfortable with the knowledge that if something was reported by NBC, CBS, or the New York Times, it was authentic and was thereby cold, hard fact. That was before the recent 'forged but accurate' tactic verified what most on the right have contended for years. Personal ideology was allowed to seep from the editorial page and morph into the front page. People like Peter Jennings can now get away with making promos where he assures us that he will not just report the news, but 'explain' it to what ABC must consider a dumb 'red state' viewership that needs to be led towards the 'correct' assessment of a given issue."

During the last 35 years I have seen the editorial page creep in the St. Louis Post Dispatch so that now it starts at the front page and ends at the automobile ads in the back (or maybe the cartoons). Probably the cartoons, for the entire newspaper is hilarious, and only fit to wrap dead fish in.

It didn't used to be this way in St. Louis, but at that time there were two competing newspapers. When the Post became the single paper, any fact checking was lost. Now a proud newspaper has become a pandering rag to the Democratic political machine which runs the City of St. Louis.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

How to Spot Junk Science

Reuters News Article

Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds
Mon Dec 20, 2004 04:38 PM ET

MUNICH/AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions, according to a new study majority-funded by the European Union, researchers said on Monday.
The so-called Reflex study, conducted by 12 research groups in seven European countries, did not prove that mobile phones are a risk to health but concluded that more research is needed to see if effects can also be found outside a lab.
In other words they want more money for their junk science project. By the way, do you notice that the second paragraph contradicts the first? First paragraph "harm", second paragraph "did not prove". Well which is it?
... After being exposed to electromagnetic fields that are typical for mobile phones, the cells showed a significant increase in single and double-strand DNA breaks. The damage could not always be repaired by the cell. DNA carries the genetic material of an organism and its different cells.
Yep, DNA is carried in EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY I believe. "could not always be repaired". Okay. How many times was it repaired vs not?

"There was remaining damage for future generation of cells," said project leader Franz Adlkofer.
Okay "future generation". That means that the damage was proven or unproven? Were these future generations observed?
This means the change had procreated. Mutated cells are seen as a possible cause of cancer.
Bing, bing, bing…..the C word! That'll get you funding…

The radiation used in the study was at levels between a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of between 0.3 and 2 watts per kilogram. Most phones emit radio signals at SAR levels of between 0.5 and 1 W/kg.

SAR is a measure of the rate of radio energy absorption in body tissue, and the SAR limit recommended by the International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection is 2 W/kg.
Okay, phones are between .05 and 1 W/kg. 25 to 50% of the limit "recommended".

The study also measured other harmful effects on cells.


Because of the lab set-up, the researchers said the study did not prove any health risks.
So why is this a news story?

But they added that "the genotoxic and phenotypic effects clearly require further studies ... on animals and human volunteers."

"clearly require further studies" Isn't that convenient for the scientist who would be out of work if the studies ceased?

Adlkofer advised against the use of a mobile phone when an alternative fixed line phone was available, and recommended the use of a headset connected to a cellphone whenever possible.

"We don't want to create a panic, but it is good to take precautions," he said, adding that additional research could take another four or five years.
Wow, four or five years…. Isn't that convenient for the scientist who would be out of work if the studies ceased?

In a separate announcement in Hong Kong, where consumers tend to spend more time talking on a mobile phone than in Europe, a German company called G-Hanz introduced a new type of mobile phone which it claimed had no harmful radiation, as a result of shorter bursts of the radio signal.
Whoa, lessee here. A German consulting firm comes out with the junk science and a German company has a product which fits the need which was created by the junk science? What an f'ing coincidence.

(Additional reporting by Doug Young in Hong Kong)

The 3rd Annual Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States: The 2004 Edition

Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views):
"8) The Mainstream Media
It's no secret that the mainstream media, other than a few exceptions like Fox News and the Washington Times, is almost uniformly liberal, even if they usually won't admit it. But this year, in large part, they seemed particularly unconcerned about showing where their sympathies truly lay.
The MSM obsessed over whether George W. Bush had ever gone 'AWOL' from the National Guard, a laughable charge, that never held any water. CBS was so desperate to keep the 'AWOL' story going that they even ran with memos that were so obviously forged that they inspired parodies within 24 hours of their original broadcast!
On the other hand, John Kerry, who ran on what he did during the Vietnam war, largely got a free pass on his anti-war activities. Then when Swift Boat Vets for Truth --- a group of vets who included the majority of soldiers who served with Kerry in Vietnam, one of his crewmates, and every living member of his chain-of-command --- came on the scene, the MSM acted like Pavlov's dogs. When Kerry ignored the Swifties, the MSM for the most part ignored them. When Kerry attacked, the MSM attacked. When Kerry said they had been discredited, the MSM said they had been discredited. It was like the entire mainstream media was made up of nothing but sock puppets sitting on the hands of Kerry campaign staffers.

Of course that wasn't all the MSM did. They pumped up every anti-Bush book that came down the pike, buried good economic news, talked up every set-back in Iraq, hyped Kerry's performance in the debates beyond all reason, and generally did everything short of putting on little 'We love Kerry buttons' every time they mentioned his name. "

Well Right Wing News has the Socialist Mainstream Media (SMSM) as number 8 on their list of annoying liberals. Read the whole article at the link to find out who the predictible #1 is.

Sorry, I think the SMSM is #1, and they aren't just annoying, they are dangerous to our democracy. I've heard a lot of libtards denigrate Fox News. The one thing I have found at Fox is that commentary is clearly marked commentary.

The SMSM doesn't denote its programs as commentary, because ALL of the S**T it FEEDS US IS COMMENTARY. It is "All the News thats LEFT to Print". I've known for a long time it is not the spin they place on the news, it is what is NOT REPORTED. They are smart enough propagandists, they have set the national subjects for debate. What they don't want to discuss, like the failing Socialist Programs in Europe and Canada, they don't let on to the table. Oops, SMSM.... enter the bloggers.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Wonder Land

OpinionJournal - Wonder Land:
"Communications technologies, most of them developed in American laboratories (often by engineers who voted for John Kerry), have finally begun to effect an historic shift in the relationship between governments and the governed. The governed are starting to win.
Not that long ago, in 1989, the world watched demonstrators sit passively in Tiananmen Square and fight the authorities with little more than a papier-m�ch� Statue of Liberty. Poland's Solidarity movement had to print protest material with homemade ink made from oil because the Communist government confiscated all the printers' ink.
In 2004, in Ukraine's Independence Square, they had cell phones.
Using the phones' SMS messaging technology, demonstrators sent messages to meet to 10 or so friends, who'd each SMS the message to 10 more friends, and so on. It's called 'smart-mobbing.'"

Yes, the truth shall set you free. Information is truth, when it is pure and unvarnished by governments or media elites. The more access to free information a people have, the more freedom they will attain or yearn for.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler on the German Socialist Mess

Its about time to put leaking politicians in jail

The American Spectator:
"three U.S. Senators -- Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), who's also the ranking Dem on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) -- are the subject of a 'criminal referral' made on Monday for speaking publicly about this satellite. Such referrals are made to the Justice Department by the administration when criminal conduct is suspected. In this case, it's not only suspected, it's evidenced on the front pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post. A highly reliable intelligence community source told me that the referral had been made because senior administration officials were beside themselves that the three had taken the controversy on funding this project to the press. "

Maybe I'm Crazy... But where did the line go between dissent and treason? I'm not certain that I view the leaking attributed to these Senators as a treasonable offense, but we are going to have to re-establish a line. Cross the line, you are tried and executed by firing squad on the Capital Mall on national TV.

"Man Mongo, you are over the edge this Sunday Morning!" NO I'm not.

There have been enough publicized acts by citizens in the last several years that are so treasonous as to merit the execution above. However, the traitors have cloaked themselves in "dissent" and "multi-nationalism" and "higher goals" and so on. These turncoats most typically have been glorified by the LMSM (Liberal Main Stream Media).

Let's set the line, and the first one who dares to cross it is drug by his heels to the mall and shot.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Read Your Newspaper - While You Still Can

Read Your Newspaper - While You Still Can - Fred Reed -�:
"The media can't change. They are too close to being part of the government they purport to cover, too steeped in the artificial egalitarianism of the newsroom, too afraid of each other, of advertisers, of being racist or sexist, too big and smug and ossified. They cannot report anything that might disturb blacks, women, homosexuals, Jews, Latinos, or mental defectives. Although the rosy-fingered dawn may now be penetrating the hitherto intractable darkness, too many journalists live in the past. Like IBM when it thought that the personal computer was a funny little typewriter, they stare into the tiger's maw and think that it's a closet. They would probably invest in slide rules."

A good read from Reed...Slap! ... just hit myself.

The libtards who run the media are going to find out that they NO LONGER control the discussion of what and who is important. Oh, don't get me wrong, we still need these dweebs as point people to get the story out of Washington. We also need them so the people who rat out others can go spilling to them. They no longer get to DEFINE the Agenda, by spinning the truth, or cutting what they feel to be "truth" out of whole cloth.

If the entire media went away today, I believe the blogs would step in. Some citizens will be interested in local news and issues, and would analyze and report them. Others of their ilk can fact check the initial blogger. Sports bloggers can do the sports reporting. Washington bloggers the national political scene.

Some of these bloggers will be liberal, some conservative. Cool. Pick your poison. If you are on the other side of an issue go to a blog and blow off steam.

Man, it is going to be wonderful. Bye Dan, Peter, all you local talking heads, and hey, the St. Louis Post-Disgrace, I'll miss you most of all.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Choose The Blue -- or the RED???

Choose The Blue

I love this. This lame-o moonbat has broken down major corporations by their political donations so the libtards and idiotarians can boycott the Good RED contributing corporations.

The knife cuts both ways. Anyway you think you will EVER see your sophisticated host, Mongo, in a STARBUCKS? If you think so I MUST ASK YOU TO PUT DOWN THE MOUSE, AND MOVE AWAY FROM THIS BLOG VERRRY SLOWLY.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Tries to Cover for Governors Upcoming Pardon

STLtoday - News - St. Louis City / County: "Inmate believes he's earned clemency"

By Kim Bell
Of the Post-Dispatch

Mongo's Comments in BOLD

"Jon Marc Taylor has photocopies of his four college diplomas taped to the wall of his prison cell. The originals are at his mother's house somewhere, probably in storage. "

Okay, as you explain later, he is not allowed to have the oversize diploma's on his wall, by prison rules, since he is a rapist.

The latest one, a doctorate in public administration from Kennedy-Western University in California, arrived Aug. 3 in an oversized envelope at the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo. But Taylor never got to open it.

Boo Hoo

Mail restrictions at the prison deemed the package too large for delivery, so his Aunt Alice picked it up on a recent visit and held it to the visiting window for Taylor to see. The prison made him a reduced sized photocopy for his wall.
So what, he still has them….
Taylor, 43, is a two-time rapist who is believed to be the only prisoner in America to receive his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees behind bars at a maximum-security prison.
Okay, why the hell wasn't he breaking rocks or making license plates…..
"This is so unique; we've never heard of anybody doing this before," said Steve Steurer, executive director of the Correctional Education Association in Lanham, Md. "It's an exceptional achievement."

After a combined 24 years in prison in Missouri and Indiana, Taylor is trying to use his educational achievements as a springboard to freedom. He not only has the attention of the academic world, but Taylor has attracted some heavy hitters in the political arena.
All bleeding heart liberal Democrats (BHLD), I'm Sure

It's all in an effort to persuade Gov. Bob Holden to grant him clemency before Holden leaves office Jan. 10. Holden, who lost a re-election bid in August in the Democratic primary, announced just before Thanksgiving that he was granting clemency to 23 defendants, including three murderers.

So he can get 23 Democratic votes? Naw, they can't vote in Missouri, like in Florida… Anybody tell Holden (BHLD)?
With just four weeks left in his gubernatorial term, Holden is reviewing applications from dozens more, including Taylor.

Yep, that's why you are writing this rah rah article for the rapist scum.

Former Sen. Thomas Eagleton, D-Mo., is among those intervening on Taylor's behalf, although he's never met the convict and knows little about the rape that sent Taylor to prison at the age of 19. Eagleton says he's impressed by the work it took to earn the diplomas. Plus, Eagleton said, he's stepping in as a favor to a friend, the late Paul Simon.

Simon, the Democrat who wore his trademark bowtie through two terms as a U.S. senator from Illinois, died a year ago. His brother, Arthur Simon, was sorting through his brother's personal papers and found mentions of Taylor. Arthur Simon, a retired Lutheran minister who headed Bread for the World, a citizens lobby on hunger, soon adopted his brother's cause. He has teamed up with Taylor's former prison professor from Ball State University to lobby Holden's office.

One, Simon's dead. Two, he's from Illinois. Three, who gives a flying sh.. about what he thought about a Missouri rapist….

"It's something Paul had taken special interest in," Arthur Simon said. "I'd hate to see it die on the vine."

Maybe we should have executed this raping piece of sh.. so Paul wouldn't have to worry. Oh, Paul's dead and buried in Illinois. I forgot.

The Missouri woman whom Taylor raped, Joan Gibson, died of a brain aneurysm 11 years ago. But her husband - who was robbed and held captive during the attack on his wife - is outraged that Taylor would get the ear of the former senators.

Really? He has his nerve… Doesn't he know that these BHLD, these Demogogs, want to let out violent felons so they can feel better that the scum have been rehabilitated. BTW, what happens when these human refuse rape or kill again…. Oh, I guess it isn't their problem, they are out of office. I say we change the law to Make It Their Problem.

Said Ray Gibson, "Mr. Simon and Mr. Eagleton, our illustrious governor, they should put the boy in a room with their wives. They need to study his background some. If they could have seen my wife's face . . .

"It affected her deeply."

You Go Ray.

Taylor says Holden should release him as a reward for becoming a changed man in prison. If Holden doesn't grant him clemency, Taylor said, "frankly, I think it's an indictment against rehabilitation."
Good, then execute the raping bastard. Also, maybe "rehabilitation" should be in indicted. Maybe we should call it Punishment.

A son torn

Taylor is a balding man with a neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper beard and large, caramel-colored glasses. Inside the sparkling, maximum-security prison 50 miles northeast of Kansas City, Taylor may have a Ph.D. behind his name, but prison rules leave him no choice but to include in every letter his prison moniker: Inmate #503273.

The poor baby. But at least it is a "sparkling" prison, not Jeff City

Taylor has a long run ahead of him. His 40-year sentence for rape, sodomy and robbery runs until 2033. The Parole Board already denied him early release last year. He won't be eligible again for parole until 2007.
Let's see. Within the last 24 months the Parole Board found that this scumbag rapist was not due an early release. What has changed?
Taylor grew up in Kansas and Indiana, an only child. His mother was a public health nurse; his father, a traveling lighting salesman. His mother would take her young son to museums, concerts and plays. And when his father won a family trip in a sales competition, she made sure to pick an exotic locale, Spain.
Read on to the next two paragraphs. If his father won a "sales competition" how was he the stone criminal who put Jon on the wrong path? How did this stand-up family turn out two criminals?
"I always wanted (Jon) to do well," says his mother, Juanita Taylor, of Indianapolis. "He calls it nagging. I called it being a good mother."

His mother's influence was in constant battle with the influence of his father, who Taylor says was a polar opposite. Taylor claims his father thrived on a life of crime - and introduced that lifestyle to him in his late teens.

After an unremarkable high school career with grades of mainly B's and C's, Taylor enlisted in the Army. During training in Alabama, his father, Jay C. Taylor, visited him and persuaded him to quit. Taylor's mother had accused her husband of abusing her. Jon Taylor chose to travel with his father, committing robberies and selling drugs. The son described it as a "crime finishing school."
Wow, he knew he was a criminal? No wonder he has a PHD…
Taylor was 19 in March 1980 when he took part in a scheme with his father that ended in the rape of a homeowner north of Kansas City.

His father used the alias Gordon Grayson and carried phony business cards that listed him as president of an oil company in Salt Lake City. Posing as a wealthy home buyer, he contacted Kansas City real estate agent Leona Monroe and told her he was relocating to the Kansas City area and wanted to look at high-end homes. He asked her to show him houses in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range. Jon posed as his college student son.

On the morning of March 23, 1980, they arrived at the home of Ray and Joan Gibson, a respected couple in Platte County. Ray was a real estate developer; Joan was a TWA flight attendant. Everyone was introduced.

According to testimony at Jon Taylor's trial, Jay Taylor pulled a gun and told Monroe to lie on the floor. Ray Gibson thought it was a toy gun and didn't move. Jon Taylor pulled out a larger gun, a .357-caliber Magnum, and announced, "This is no toy. Get on the floor now." The three complied.

Let's see. Jay was Jon's daddy and had the "toy" gun. Jon had the .357 Magnum.
The gunmen bound their hands with plastic handcuffs and taped their eyes shut. They herded Ray Gibson and the real estate agent into a downstairs linen closet and blocked the door with a couch. They took about $100,000 in cash and valuables, including furs, paintings and silver.

According to court records, Joan Gibson was taken upstairs and forced to perform oral sex on a man. Then a man raped her. She testified that she thought the rapist was the younger man.

The younger Taylor had come to the house that day looking tanned, with his hair in a short military-style crop. Ray Gibson, a commercial artist, made drawings for police of the young attacker whose face he had seen for only 30 seconds or so. The likeness was remarkable. "I couldn't believe it," Joan Gibson said after seeing it, "because it was perfect."

Ray Gibson, through a sheriff's office, paid $3,800 to an informer, who implicated the suspects in Indiana, according to court records. That eventually led to the arrests of the Taylors.

At his trial, the younger Taylor took the witness stand and denied any involvement. He claimed he was home in Indianapolis at the time. Jurors didn't buy it. He was convicted and sentenced to 15 years for rape, 15 years for sodomy and 10 years for robbery - all to run consecutively.

Yeah, he lied on the stand. I guess he was Indiana raping another woman. Too strong? Read on. Anyway 12 citizens found him guilty and gave him 40 years, after hearing all the evidence in the case. 12 citizens of Missouri, not one Senator from Illinois, or one Governor of Missouri. By the way, how many citizens sit on the Parole Board?

Jon Taylor admitted this week in phone interviews with the Post-Dispatch that he robbed the Gibsons, but he claims his father is the one who raped Joan Gibson. "I take full responsibility for the crime because I stood there and acquiesced," he said. "I did despicable deeds, but I haven't killed anybody. And for the last 23 years, I've tried to make myself a better man."
Okay, he acquiesced. How come Mrs. Gibson said it was the younger man? There were two men, he and his father. She just didn't like the young guy and wanted to get him??
Before he was caught for the crime in Platte County, Mo., Jon Taylor admits that within a month he had raped a leasing agent in Indiana. He served prison time for the Indiana crime first, 12 years of a 30-year sentence. In 1993, an Indiana judge ordered Taylor's release, citing the postgraduate work as a remarkable example of self-rehabilitation. Platte County sheriff's officials swooped in to bring Jon Taylor back to Missouri for his 40-year sentence.

Damn, those "swooping" deputies… How about they picked up a two time rapist and brought him to Missouri for justice? By the way, he has only served 11 years of his 40 year sentence here.

His father served time in a California prison for an unrelated crime, attempted murder, and has been free since about 1990. He is now 71. The elder Taylor was convicted of the rape and robbery in Platte County and got an 80-year sentence. He didn't have to serve that sentence. In 1987, the Missouri Court of Appeals ordered him released from those charges because prosecutors had taken too long to bring him to trial.

Okay, the State screwed up.

"The state dropped the ball," said Susan M. Hunt, who is Jon Marc Taylor's attorney. "I think the judge and prosecutor were so angry the father skated that Jon got the brunt of this."

Oh really. Then why is he not doing time in Jefferson City?? BTW, since when is any attorney an unimpeachable source?

The younger Taylor keeps in touch with his father and recently called him, collect, to wish him happy birthday. He said his father, who lives in New Mexico, had remarried and changed for the better. "I'd been angry at him in the past, but I do not hold any animosity toward my father," he said.
Maybe you can get out in time to rape your father's new wife, Jon.
When he first got to prison, Taylor said he "bounced around, trying to survive when you're young, white and fine, as they say in prison parlance." He worked as a bricklayer, then mopped floors and cooked. His mother pushed him to enroll in a college course. He considered it nagging, but she offered to pay for it.

Soon, the schooling excited him. Prison environment is controlling, and Taylor found the classroom one place he could have a bit more freedom.

Prison environment is controlling. It is a PRISON where we send BAD PEOPLE. Get it moonbat?

"At last I found my lifeline," he said. "When the professor came to the prison, this is the only time we can argue with an authority figure without fear of retribution."
What type of retribution? Why did Jon have to argue?

Ross Van Ness, a Ball State University professor who taught at the Indiana Reformatory, was Taylor's mentor as he sought his bachelor's degree. "It soon became obvious to me he stood head and shoulders above the rest," Van Ness said. "His IQ must be off the charts. I've compared him to the Bird Man of Alcatraz."

Good. The Birdman died in prison. Let Jon do it also.

Taylor's schooling included class lessons at the prison, watching televised college lectures via a 40-foot-tall prison antenna system and reviewing taped lectures on a VCR. He used Pell grants to earn his bachelor's of science degree.
Great. This raping sociopath got a Pell Grant from the Federal Government to continue his studies. Wasn't there a more deserving candidate who wasn't incarcerated who could have received this money??

Taylor has never had the Internet, much less a computer, for his coursework.
Boo hoo. He should be pounding out license plates with a hammer.
For Taylor's graduate work, a professor came to the prison every four to six weeks to meet with him. Taylor relied on donations from friends and relatives for all of his coursework beyond the bachelor's degree. The doctoral program at nonaccredited Kennedy-Western alone cost close to $7,000, he said.
Okay. Helluva scam to get your worthless ass out of prison.
Some critics accuse Kennedy-Western of being a diploma mill. University spokesman David Gering denied that Saturday, saying the 20-year-old university provides "rigorous, academically challenging" degree programs.
Who cares? It is just part of the scam. It'll work with the BHLD's since all they need is an excuse.
Taylor's publication vitae is nine pages long and lists scores of articles published in peer-review academic journals such as the Journal of Correctional Education. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers, and he wrote the press kit for Ball State University's college extension program at the Indiana reformatory.

Okay, so what. He is a BHLD poster child?

Taylor's honors include the Nation/I.F. Stone and Robert F. Kennedy journalism awards (student category) for his reporting on prisoner education. He wrote a 341-page "Prisoner's Guerrilla Handbook to Correspondence Courses in the United States and Canada," which sells on the Internet for $28.95 (prisoners get a $3 discount).
Who gets the revenue from the book? The family of the woman he viciously raped … or does he. BTW, what were the circumstances surrounding the Indiana rape. How does his victim and her family feel. Did we forget that this scumbag is a two time loser????
The Prison Journal, which was started by the Pennsylvania Prison Society, America's oldest prison reform organization, has mailed manuscripts to Taylor to review. He says he's the only person on the journal's review board who isn't a tenured professor. .How does he explain the transformation from rapist to scholar?

"There was no immediate light bulb going off, no magic wand," he said. "It was a seduction into the darkness from my dad, and it's a seduction back into the light."

Wow, seduction. If you were any good at seduction, Jon, you would not have to rape women.
While Taylor discovered his passion in prison, people on the outside began discovering him.

"This guy is phenomenal; he's got to be on fire to be doing what he's doing," said Chuck Terry, an assistant professor who teaches at St. Louis University and began corresponding with Taylor several years ago. "And everything this guy's accomplished, he's doing it all without access to a research library, or computers, or research assistants."

I guess he just has some time on his hands ...

Terry has a unique perspective because he served 12 years in prison for drug-related property offenses in Oregon and California prisons in the 1970s and 1980s.

"People I call convicts walk and talk a certain way, they get tattoos," Terry said. "But I don't see that in him. He's just like a normal guy, and his language is not the language of a convict."
Okay, so what?
Paul Simon came across Taylor on a subject they were both passionate about: Pell grants for prisoners. Simon was on the losing end of a 1994 fight spearheaded by Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., in Congress to abolish Pell grants for prisoners.
Thank you, Jesse, finally some sense.
Simon was so impressed by one of Taylor's op-ed pieces published in The New York Times on the subject that Simon had the article inserted into the Congressional Record on Sept. 12, 1994. When the Record was published, Simon sent an autographed copy to Taylor in prison. Simon signed it, "With gratitude."

Van Ness, the professor from Ball State University, met Simon for lunch in Carbondale, Ill., in September last year to enlist Simon's help in winning Taylor's freedom. Van Ness filled Simon in on the crime and sentencing.

Van Ness told Simon that he wanted to make an all-out push for clemency once Taylor had his doctorate in the spring. That was still months away. "You let me know," Simon told him. "I will call the governor."

But on Dec. 9 last year, Simon died from complications from heart surgery.

Eagleton told Holden in his letter Nov. 2 that he didn't know Taylor. "I am amazed that a prisoner could get a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees while still being a prisoner," Eagleton wrote. "I hope you will consider this matter."
Yeah Tom, did you wonder how he got all the free time?
Academics from Massachusetts to Manitoba sent letters on collegiate letterhead to Holden, arguing that Taylor has virtually no chance of committing another crime if freed. Howard Davidson, editor of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, said based on the risk prevention index of the Federal Judicial Center, Taylor has a 91.6 percent success rate. "I dare say this is a conservative estimate," Davidson said.
Good. Let him live one month with each of these "academics". Let them put their wives and daughters where their mouths are.
The man who sent Taylor to prison, former Platte County Prosecutor Kenneth Hassler, says he hopes Taylor's college achievements don't overshadow the ugliness of the crime.

"I don't think we should give preference to smart criminals over dumb criminals," Hassler said. "I can't imagine why they would want to assist someone who committed a crime like this. It certainly gives the wrong impression to society."
No Kidding. Jury Nullification? These BHLD's don't care about impressions. They only care about their power and feeling good that they "took steps" to right what they perceive as a wrong.

A career in teaching

Taylor isn't stopping with the doctorate. He is taking the final three credit hours this semester to earn a certificate in criminal justice studies from the University of Alabama.

He's on his fifth typewriter now, an electric with a 12-page memory. He named it "Walter the 5th" after a deceased church patron who helped finance Taylor's education.

Taylor got married in prison, in 1992, to a woman who was seeking a pen pal and was brought to the prison by a friend. He plans to build a life with her and her teenage daughter if he is released.

He says he wants to become a teacher, possibly at a junior college or in prison. He wants to earn another doctorate, this time on the campus of Ball State, so it has more prestige in the academic world than a correspondence course.

"Somebody called me the poster child for clemency," he said. "If I can't get it, who can? If I can't get it, what does that say to the other men and women in prison trying to turn their lives around?"
It says that they are going to do the TIME the CITIZENS of MISSOURI gave them for their CRIMES.

Taylor has never apologized to his victims because, he says, he never had the opportunity and never had their address to send a letter. Besides, he said, it could be viewed as harassment and his lawyer warned him against "stirring the hornet's nest." He said he would like to apologize. "I'm sorry for the tragedy I've imposed on their life," he said. I'm sure you are, I'm not so sure you'll be sorry the day after you get out.All this leaves Ray Gibson unconvinced. In an interview last week, he said his wife never got over the rape and horrific events. Ray Gibson still seemed frightened by Taylor.

"He and his father threatened to kill everyone when they got out," Gibson said. "They made a lot of threats throughout the years. That's what I'm concerned about. I want him to serve his time because he deserves every bit of it."
Yeah Ray, he does deserve it.
Ray Gibson didn't attend the Parole Board hearing last year but wrote a letter arguing against Taylor's release. The next hearing is in 2007, and Gibson said he felt assured that the board would notify him if Taylor ever got close to release.

Gibson was unimpressed with Taylor's college degrees.

"He's locked up; all he has to do is study. Anybody can study."

Yep, anybody can. Especially if they are working a scam to get out of prison.
Reporter Kim Bell
Phone: 314-340-8115

The Hillary Plan -- Read and Remember

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan

"speaking to Mrs. Clinton's friends and enemies, scouring the record. What I concluded was that Mrs. Clinton was an unusually cynical leftist political operative who had no great respect for the citizens of the United States or for America itself, but who saw our country as a platform for her core ambitions: to rise and achieve historic personal and political power both with her husband and without him."

This article is a real keeper. Without getting into emotions about Hillary, let me say that she is one of the main reasons I am politically active today. Back when she and Bill were campaigning for his first presidential bid, I was fortunate to see a picture of her back in the 60's. My first thought was "OMG, I know you". Well I didn't know her, but I sure new her type. Just from the picture.

I'm not sure that I can put into words what I felt. And I believe only fools act upon their feelings without evidence. But when I have a visceral gut reaction, especially about a person, I am typically proved correct.

Here is what we should all do. Watch her like hawks. She is a cold hearted political operator who has no goal other than power. Bill was but a stepping stone for her, I would be astounded if she gives a damn about him. She will stay the course with Bill so she looks to be loyal, as long as she doesn't look foolish. Everthing she will do now is towards the Presidency. She will run to the middle on most items and she will look like a hawk on military issues.

I know that the conservative press will be dogging her every step, but watch her and let your friends know to watch her. I believe she is a real danger to our nation.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Liberals, Leftists and the War in Iraq

FrontPage :: by David Horowitz:

"By the same token, as a supporter of the war, I make a distinction between those who oppose the war out of love country and those who don't. Patriotic dissenters (if I may use that term) criticize the war because they believe the conflict in Iraq reflects mainly honest but flawed decisions, weakens our security and distracts us from the task at hand. Unpatriotic critics (if I may use that term) are those who oppose the war because they regard America as essentially guilty, and share a common dream with our enemies of a world liberated from America's oppressive presence."

Emphasis added.

Excellent read. It poses the question of whether or not people who oppose the policy and direction of the United States are the loyal opposition, or America hating traitors.

"It would be far easier to separate this anti-American left from patriotic critics, if the patriots would do some of the separating themselves. It is difficult to establish such a separation, when leaders of the Democratic Party are embracing unsavory figures like Michael Moore. It is difficult when prominent figures in the Democratic Party embrace radicals who opposed the war in Afghanistan, making common cause with them in an effort to shift the Party to the left."

Sunday, December 12, 2004


STLtoday - News - Columnists:
"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld met with troops at Camp Buehring in Kuwait, named for Chad Buehring, an Army colonel who died last year when insurgents in Baghdad launched a rocket-propelled grenade into Al Rasheed, a green-zone hotel once frequented by Western journalists and administration officials that remains closed to guests because - despite all the president's sunny bromides about resolutely prevailing - security in Iraq is deteriorating relentlessly. "

WOW. When I went to school they taught me that if I had a LOOOOONNNNGGG sentance, I was to break it up into several sentances for reading ease. I guess Ms Dowd missed that class. Oh wait... that was in GRADE SCHOOL.

She writes for the New York Times? Good grief. She is a libtard moonbat, and now is unreadable. Hey Maureen, we're from the RED STATES.... You know, the states who kicked the crap out of the commmie traitor elitist Frenchman you dudes ran for President. We need smaller sentances if you want us to understand your tripe.

By the way, every time I read you its like watching someone retching huge globs of bile. Give it up or give it a break.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

International Law & Red Cross

Andrew C. McCarthy on International Law & Red Cross on National Review Online:
"it is becoming increasingly necessary to be skeptical when 'international law' is invoked by interest-group NGO's like the ICRC as well as by many European capitals, the Organization of Islamic States, the Non-Aligned Movement, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, the New York Times, American legal elites, and other trailblazing members of the self-styled 'international community.' This global village's idealized vision of U.S. obligations is often importantly different from our actual obligations."

"While it risks banishment from polite company, and certainly from American campuses, to observe such a thing, it is necessary to point out that no one in the United States voted for any of these people. Nor did we consent to be generally bound by their assertions of law, the precedents developed in their tribunals, or the pieties divined by their experts. The international community may insist that we are under the sway of its airy customs and principles, but we are not except to the extent we consent to be, in a manner consistent with the American constitutional order."
emphasis mine.

See Transnational Progressives via Google

See Transnational Socialists

See Tranzis

GET SOME EDUCATION ON THIS ISSUE ... IF YOU THINK OUR LAST ELECTION WAS JUST ABOUT THE US YOU ARE NAIVE. It was about the "global test" and if we want unelected idealog from other nations running OUR country (after they overly screwed up their own). The Dutch are leaving their own country due to their "progressive" socialist immigration policy? (Link found by
Glenn at Instapundit
). I wonder why they are getting out of Dodge? Truly sickening. A result of "political correctness"? Why is it that one group of people have to be "politically correct" and others can show no tolerance for anyone?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Elites lost to people power

Elites lost to people power--Dick Morris: "'Mass communication' usually denotes the few speaking to the many through the journalistic and electronic media that they control. Now it must be redefined as the masses communicating and imposing their views on the elites, often over the furious objections of their former masters.

The defeat of the networks in the war of CBS versus the bloggers is one of the most dramatic illustrations of this new political dynamic. All of Dan Rather's men could not put over a forgery of Bush's National Guard record on America's bloggers, who eventually forced the CBS anchor from his perch atop our politics."

Vicious Cat

Help. Vicious Cat Attack

Chilean Social Security -- a Plan?
"Today in Chile workers pay 10% of their pretax earnings into their own retirement plans. They can elect to pay an additional 10% in pretax earnings if they wish. The companies who manage these funds are prohibited by law from engaging in any other type of business. The sole business purpose of these companies is to take these privately owned retirement accounts and grow them. If they die before the retirement age the money goes to their families. If Chileans live to retirement age they have three options:
Purchase a family annuity from a life insurance company.
Leave their funds in a personal account and make monthly withdrawals adjusted to match their life expectancy.
Any combination of 1 and 2.
The government steps in to guarantee a 'minimum pension' for people who have worked at least 20 years and who's benefits don't meet the minimum monthly amount required by the Chilean law.
In Chile 95% of workers participate in the private plan. In America 100% of workers don't have that option, and the AARP is doing everything it can to make sure they never do.
Thanks, AARP. If younger Americans ever figure out what an enemy to their financial future you truly are things may change and you may lose that grip you have on government"

Interesting article. I'm not so much interested in the trashing of AARP as the Chilean plan. It seems that we should investigate the plan thoroughly.

If someone else has "experimented" in the world we should take note. The Democrats who love Socialism should look to the countries who have the system in place and recognize its failures. I'm not saying what another country does will work here (Demogogs take note). WE ARE AS DIFFERENT FROM EUROPE AS THEY ARE FROM US.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

"Kofi's not the problem, the United Nations is"

WorldNetDaily: Kofi's not the problem, the United Nations is:
"For the hidden agenda of the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the WTO and the Kyoto Protocol is to curtail America's freedom to act in its own interests and to midwife a world government erected on a one-man, one-nation, one-vote principle.
Under a global democracy, India and China, with 2.5 billion people, would be the dominant powers, and peoples of color, five-sixths of all mankind, would enter a claim for a more equitable distribution of the world's wealth now held by that shrinking one-sixth of all mankind that is of European descent. Global democracy is the death of the West.
With the idea of global governance out of the closet, with the European Union the model with the United Nations the embryo the real threat to America comes into view: a loss of sovereignty and eventually the loss of independence. "

Need convincing -- do a google search on "Transnational Socialism" "Transnational Progressives" or "Tranzis" to see the future the multinationalists like Clinton and Kerry want us to have. Ask yourself one simple question ... Are you ready to have unelected judges and lawyers with no accountability to you run the Government?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Feckless UN

OpinionJournal - Featured Article:

-- "Failing to enforce 17 resolutions against Saddam, tolerating his ejection of U.N. weapons inspectors, and even enabling him to stay in power by looking the other way as he exploited Oil for Food.

Failing to use U.N. peacekeepers already in place to stop the Rwanda genocide in 1994, and, worse, handing over thousands of Bosnian Muslim men for slaughter by the Serbs at Srebrenica in 1995.

Failing to act in Kosovo in 1999, amid the threat of a Russian veto, leaving NATO the task of preventing a bloody civil war on European soil.

As recently as this year, failing to stop the massacre of African Muslims in Sudan's Darfur province.

And failing even to bring up for formal debate, let alone action, North Korean and Iranian violations of non-proliferation agreements.

We could go on, but the point is that anyone who wants to solve a global problem knows not to take it to the U.N. The French jumped into the Ivory Coast on their own, asking the Security Council for its blessing only after the fact. Rather than facilitate 'coalitions of the willing,' the Council with its vetoes has become a body that thwarts them. We suspect the Security Council is now beyond saving, since the French and Russians are hardly going to give up their veto prerogatives, however outdated in terms of their ebbing global clout."
Emphasis mine

Each day I grow more and more amazed at how we put up with the United Nations. They don't do their job in the world, and we bleed when we try to pick up the pieces. I'm speaking of the AMERICANS. The others in the world are suffering in huge numbers, as outlined above, for UN inaction or misplaced actions. BTW, was there a knashing of teeth or a clashing of sabers when the French UNILATERALLY invaded the Ivory Coast? What of multinational approval? Where was the infamous Kerry GLOBAL TEST? Oh, I guess it doesn't apply to any country other than the US...

It is time we get out of the UN

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

How Far We've Come

Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq on National Review Online

Absolutely excellent review of our progress in the war on terror.

REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR TODAY. And remember we lost more of our citizens on 9/11 than on that Day of Infamy. We lost mostly military personnel on 12/7/41....civilians on 9/11/01. God Bless America and help her through her trials. We still remain the last, best hope for man on the globe.

Monday, December 06, 2004

'The turning point'

Oliver North: 'The turning point'
"Though most histories record the sinking of the USS St. Lo on Oct. 25, 1944 as the first organized Kamikaze attack of the war, there had in fact been hundreds of prior "killer-suicides." Japanese Banzai charges on Guadalcanal -- starting in August 1942 -- were ground-based versions of the same tactic: convincing a young fighter that he will be granted eternal rewards and promising his family material benefits for dying the right way while killing a "Westerner." Substitute "Christian," or "Jew," or "infidel" for the word "Westerner," and the description fits today's "Islamic martyr" in Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan – or on Sept. 11, 2001"

Very interesting analogy of the present war on terror to WWII Japan.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Barry -- Steroids??

data from Click to read better. It isn't that hard to see what is going on. Take a look at the huge jump in Bonds' production, later in his career. McGwire was consistently getting better throughout (other than when he was injured). What's going on with Bonds' numbers? Go figure.... - McCain to baseball: 'Fix' drug policy now:

"WASHINGTON -- Sen. John McCain demanded immediate action by representatives of major league baseball's players and owners to tighten the sport's drug-testing policy 'to restore the integrity of baseball' or possibly face congressional action. " - Attorney backs Bonds:

"Bonds told the federal grand jury last year that Greg Anderson, his personal trainer and childhood friend, told him the substances he used in 2003 were the nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a rubbing balm for arthritis, according to a transcript of his testimony reviewed by the Chronicle. "

Well, Barry, I guess they got you. As a St. Louis fan, I found it quite interesting that you got a PASS on scrutiny, after Mark McGuire was put on the griddle for androstene-dione.

Where was the questioning of your sudden home run power? Not Politically Correct? Black - mail?

Friday, December 03, 2004

CIA Incompetence and the UN

Froggy Ruminations:

"Forget WMDs, we know they were moved to Syria. Missing thousands of illicit monetary transactions originating from what should have been the most closely monitored regime on the planet over more than a decade is unconscionable. It seems impossible. Not to mention routine surveillance that should be regularly conducted by US Intelligence of foreign financial institutions should have caught this years ago. "

OpinionJournal - The Real World:
"... a United Nations that allowed Saddam Hussein to embezzle at least $21.3 billion in oil money during 12 years, with the great bulk of that sum--a staggering $17.3 billion--pilfered between 1997-2003, on Mr. Annan's watch."

Incompetence of the highest degree. We know the UN is complicit in the OFF scandal, but how did these billions escape detection? If Saddam didn't get this money it is possible that we would not have been drawn into war. If Saddam didn't get this money, maybe he could not have bribed our "allies" in the UN Security Council. Where was the CIA?

WMD's can be smuggled into Syria by truck in the dead of night. Money leaves a trail, and can be traced in and out of accounts. If we were watching Saddam so closely, why wasn't even a small part of these Billion$ detected.

Apparently the CIA is being flushed out by Porter Goss. Now we need to GET OUT of the UN. It is run by dictatorships and other slimy nations. (Cuba, France...).

We have spent too much money on these pompous, dangerous idiots. What have they accomplished? When have they promoted democracy?

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Maureen Dowdisms

Maureen Dowd -- StL Post Dispatch:

"The Republican Visigoths are crushing checks and balances and driving Democrats (and moderate Republicans) into subservient, obedient roles, sticking anti-abortion provisions into major spending bills.

Even the suggestion that Congress has an advise-and-consent role on judges caused the Visigoths to slap Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter into stocks until he whimpered he would do their bidding. "

Emphasis Mine. Wow. Visgoths no less. How about Huns? I wanna be a Hun, they kicked the Visigoths ass! Man I like the terms. How about subservient Ted Kennedy. Oh, the wailing and lamentations of the blue state women will be music to my ears. How about an obedient Charles Schumer? or Hillary? Hop to it Hillary, prostrate yourself to the all powerful GOP! The VRWC has won, hoorah!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Words have Meanings - Bush seeks to mend fences in Canada - Nov 30, 2004:
"Bush seeks to mend fences in Canada"

I have a game I've played for years when I read the leftist press. Watch the way they phrase their headlines, and the way they refer to people.

When a Demogog is in office, in the headline the'll put the word President and spell out the persons full name, i.e "Bill Clinton", "William Jefferson Clinton". If a Republican is in office they typically leave off the office and use the last name, i.e. "Bush"

Read the above headline, and ask yourself why in HELL would the President want to "mend fences" with Canada. They were the ones who turned their back on us. They are the ones who make disparaging remarks about us.

I'll tell you what to do with the fences..... send the bitching Liberals over them. They'll love the Socialist lifestyle. When they want to come back to get some quality, non-rationed medical care..... tell them to stay in the frozen North.

Lame Duck Gov Looses Cons on Us

STLtoday (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

"Gov. Bob Holden recently pardoned or commuted the sentences of 23 convicted criminals, including three murderers, and could grant more clemency requests before his term ends in January."

Cute story. In the "St Louis City County" section of the Post-Dispatch. I guess they Had to report it, so stick it somewhere unimportant. Jamie Allman of Talk 97.1 pointed it out to me on the drive into work yesterday.

Okay Bobby you let them out. The Post story says Governors due this all the time (so did Clinton when he left office). But....

"Holden's clemency declarations all occurred the day before Thanksgiving, but his office didn't announce the actions until asked about them Monday."

Afraid of something, Bobby?


This is

1. A lame duck governor who did not even win his own party's (the Demogog's) primary election in 2004.

2. The same governor who blocked the right to carry concealed weapons for registered, law abiding citizens. Vetoed the bill and was overridden by the Legislature.

3. A governor who ended up in office with the assistance of illegal voting activity in 2000 in the City of St. Louis.

Yep, he's a prince. It's evident whose side he is on. The convict's side?

No, that is too simple. He is on the side of the trial lawyers. The scum that he decide to loose to prey upon society will victimize us again. More money in legal fees for his friends who defend them. Keep the judges busy and expand the court industry. More donations to the Demagogs from the Trial Lawyers and the Public Employees Unions.

The victims? They don't have lobbies to give the bucks for elections. Hell, they might even be Republican....

They can't even have guns to defend themselves according to Bobby.